A Whole New Yoga Experience With Zenactive Yoga Mat

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Yoga is spreading its wings all over the world for its wonderful positive effects on human body and mind. This beautiful exercise doesn’t only increases the physical flexibility and overall body fitness, it also relaxes human mind. Yoga is a state of mind and it doesn’t call for heavy equipments. However, it definitely requires a good quality extra thick yoga mat to perform on a daily basis. The company has perfectly addressed this particular need and introduced a specially designed Zenactive Yoga Mat.

Specification of the Zenactive Yoga Mats:

Have you been looking for a comfortable and convenient base for your yoga sessions, all this while? ? Your search inspired the company to present the best in the market. Made of environment friendly memory foam, makes these yoga mats an amazing yoga partner. 1/4″ (7mm) extra thick and 72” extra long yoga mat is a perfect fit for any height. This long yoga mat is 50% thicker than that of those available in the market. Available in soothing colors of blue, green and black makes the extra thick yoga mat, perfect even for travelling. The yoga mat comes with SGS approval.

Why Zenactive is indispensible for yoga lovers?

Yoga is the best mind and body refreshing exercise which doesn’t need much of those heavy and expensive equipments. However, it requires a comfortable base. This soft yet sturdy convenient base protects the body joints from unwanted pain or accidents. Regular Zenactive mat users confirm that this yoga mat is perfect for beginners, advanced ones and even for hot yoga. This yoga mat has a non slip surface that gives a better grip.

How long Zenactive Yoga Mat last?

How long this yoga mat can be used? Is that popping up in your mind, while going through this discussion? Zenactive has a specific answer to this question. Zenactive is a custom made, extra long yoga mat, that will last for years even after heavy sun salutation, vintasas and even the difficult chair poses. The perfect color pattern of these extra long mats will connect the mind and body of yoga lovers for years.

Must be an expensive product?

Well, that’s what people think! But in reality it’s not! . It’s hard to understand how the company has managed to deliver the extra long, extra soft yoga mats, designed by Yoga Enthusiasts, at an incredible price of $38.47, including shipping charges! . That’s how Zenact has been able to create such a huge base of happy customers. Their unique yet high quality long yoga mats are highly affordable in nature.

The Author is conveying information about yoga mat You’re probably thinking, everyone says that, so, what’s different here. It’s the commitment of quality, genuineness, and a guarantee that values your time and interest.

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