A Road Tripper’s Guide to the USA

There are fun holidays … and then there are legendary ones. A USA road trip is definitely the latter. If you’re ready to hit the road, you’re in for an unforgettable opportunity to make memories and have experiences you would never have dreamed of. Here I recommend three different routes, which will hopefully inspire you to plan your very own USA road trip.

A History Trip

You’re sure to meet all sorts of road trippers on your journey. Some adore nature, some love to scout out the best burgers in every town and some are total history buffs. If any of these descriptions apply to you, there’s plenty to get excited about on the drive from New York City to Montreal. Getting a local guide to reveal the hidden history of well-known historic towns such as Boston and Plymouth is definitely worth the money.

You’ll also want to spend at least one day in Salem. This seaport is central to America’s modern history, and is well-known for its legendary Salem witch trials. The town is scattered with historic sites, as well as being the birthplace of the National Guard. But one of my absolute favourite things about this coastal drive is the delicious seafood – after all, what could be better than eating lobster on the beach?

A Desert Drive

I’d recommend spending two weeks on this tour of national parks from Salt Lake City, Utah to Las Vegas, Nevada. This drive will take you through the alphabet, starting at ‘A’ – Antelope State Island Park – and ending at ‘Z’ – Zion National Park.

Antelope State Island Park is in the middle of the Great Salt Lake, which is located just outside Salt Lake City. This windy island is home to many animals and gives you unparalleled views across the lake to snow-capped peaks. Why not rent a bike, have a picnic lunch and then explore the island at your leisure? End your trip by camping at Zion National Park, Utah’s first national park. The ruddy sandstone cliffs never fail to amaze the four million visitors who visit them every year. It’s advisable to get there early in the day to ensure parking, as well as travelling off-season to avoid massive crowds.

A Cross-Country Adventure

If you’re craving more adventure, try on this epic cross-country road trip for size. You’ll drive all the way from Sin City to the Big Apple, taking in the beauty of the Grand Canyon and munching on some fried chicken along the way. After the glittering lights of Los Angeles have faded, you’ll love experiencing the splendour of the Grand Canyon in Arizona. Linger here, watch the sunrise and the sunset, go for walks and simply breathe it all in.

Once you’ve had your fill of natural beauty, head onwards. This USA road trip passes through Memphis and Nashville, making it a music lover’s dream. Visit Nashville’s Country Music Hall of Fame before catching a show at the Grand Ole Opry, otherwise known as “the home of American Music.” Shape this experience as you see fit: if a certain destination catches your fancy, stay there! Add in cities, take detours, go to places with funny names because they make you laugh … the possibilities are endless. Finish your USA road trip in style in NYC. Job well done!

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Author: Desiree Michels