A Primer on College Scholarships

A college degree serves as your ticket to limitless job opportunities. People can get by without going to college but their options will be severely restricted as companies often require tertiary education for their new hires. The problem with college is that it’s so expensive. Only the rich can afford to pay tuition fees outright while the rest need to take on loans or apply for scholarships.

If you can do it, getting scholarships is the best way to survive college financially. Unlike loans, you will not have to pay them back so you won’t have a huge debt staring at you after you graduate. The scholarship money can be used to purchase books, cover tuition fees, pay for dorm rooms, and much more. It allows you to have some space to breathe while in college as well as after. You will not have the overwhelming pressure to get a job quickly for loan payments.

A lot of scholarships are awarded based on merit. If you did well academically in high school, then you will probably qualify in one of many scholarship programs. Some use the GPA score while others use the SAT scores to determine which students will get the grant. These tend to be quite competitive as they are plenty of academically-gifted applicants out there. Apply anyway and do so as much as you can to every institution that gives out scholarships. You never know which one will appreciate your accomplishments more. Maybe some will take a look at your extra-curricular activities and be impressed with your range of skills. There are also lucrative scholarships for promising young athletes who get accepted to the varsity team.

Other scholarships are need-based. Institutions give them out to students from a particular segment of society to give the sector a better chance at life. If you come from a poor family or a particular ethnic group, try searching for these grants as they might be well-suited to you. There are also grants for women who excellent leadership skills and academic potential. Cast a wide net to find these online.

There are also companies that provide scholarships in honor of their founders. They tend to pick students who closely resemble these persons in terms of background and interests. They may be limited to residents of a certain geographic area, enrollees of a particular school or a degree program. The military also offers scholarships to its recruits.

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