A Little About Pens found in Pen Kits

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Pen Kits comprise of two pens usually, one is a ball point pen which is based on ink gel and the other one is a fountain pen which is purely an ink pen.

The pens that come in the kits are fancy, and therefore, have a high price tag attached, unlike the usual writing pens that can be clicked to use, the pens in the kits come with attached or detachable caps, these caps have to be turned to put them to use, the cap either covers the nib or is located at the other end of the pen and produces the nib when it is rotated.

Pens that come in kits usually look a little more stout than the ordinary ballpoints, and instead of having a standard cover, they have colorful and designed covers that are made of a variety of materials like plastic, wood, metal, or any other synthetic or original stuff. These pen-covers may contain rings or holder made up of gold, silver or platinum; or at times one may find the entire cover made of a particular precious metal. Most of these pens have a usual nib, but some premier designs comprise specially made nibs that are said to be diamond tipped. Here are the components that make up a pen: A pen cap usually contains a clip, one that enables users to pin it in the front pockets of their shirts, the area above the clip or the top most area of the pen is called Derby; the other end of the cap usually contains a band, which could be made up of any precious, semi precious or regular material.

The outer covering of the pen not covered by the cap is covered by the barrel, it is the barrel that holds the ink reservoir of the writing tool. Pens found in pen kits have fancy, or designer caps and barrels, which as previously defined come in a variety of colors, multi-colors, patterns, and designs, and these are made up of a variety of different materials.

The inner part of the pen contains the reservoir, the joint, the feed, and the point.

The reservoir holds ink and supplies the same to the pen. The joint, connects the reservoir to the nib and adjoining parts of the pen; the feed contains the part that acts as a drip supplying little drops of ink to the pen’s nib.

The point of the pen is the part that contains the pen’s nib, it has a pointed-cut-curved edge that forms the nib, a small hole just above the nib that supplies the fountain pen with air; the point is attached to the feed, that in turn is joined to the barrel. Acrylic pen blanks are manufactured from special polymers which can be easily folded or turned, but at the same time these are strong enough to bear quality finishing. There is a huge variety of Acrylic pen blanks available in the market, which can be used to make pen and pencil holders plus many other things, it serves as a material that can be put into use for crafting do-it-yourself products.

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