A Feast in Fuerteventura: Top Local Restaurants

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Fuerteventura, one of the most popular travel destinations in the Canary Islands, boasts a vibrant natural landscape of beautiful coastlines and hidden coves. While the stunning views attract plenty of the area’s yearly visitors, the local vibrancy and authentic cuisine bring in the real culture-loving travellers.

By pre-booking your airport transfers, Fuerteventura becomes an easily accessible travel location to explore at your leisure. Arriving at your accommodation, the next port of call is undoubtedly delving into the diverse gastronomy available on the island.

Restaurante Mahoh

This family-run restaurant is a true hidden gem, offering numberous traditional dishes including baifo (goat), papas arrugadas con mojo picón (salty boiled new potatoes with spicy sauce), and potaje de berros (watercress stew).

The Martinez family have turned this early nineteenth-century rural dwelling into a welcoming establishment, with an idyllic garden that contains greenery native to Fuerteventura as well as imported flora.

Rojo Tomate

Another family restaurant located on the island is Rojo Tomate, a pizzeria that’s a must for any foodie visiting the region. As well as classic pizzas, Chef Alberta prepares a range of plates from focaccia to fresh pasta, and even the desserts are prepared fresh – make sure you save some room!

Land of Freedom

For the traveller seeking an experience erring on the adventurous side, Land of Freedom is an establishment that provides an innovative addition to the gastronomy of Fuerteventura. The restaurant specialises in Italian cuisine, but the menu also includes plenty of vegetarian options. Fancy trying a bit of everything? The fabulous tasting trays (which include five dishes paired with five wines) are a popular choice here.

Cantante Café

Cantante Café’s menu comprises of beautifully prepared plates of locally-sourced produce. Enjoy this gourmet selection of foods while taking in the vistas of Lanzarote and Lobos on the horizon. What better way to spend an evening?

La Arroceria

Visiting an extension of Spain, visitors would be remiss to leave the island without trying some real Mediterranean rice dishes. At La Arroceria, there’s plenty on offer when it comes to traditional Mediterranean cuisine, so get ready to dig into some of the region’s favourites. Although Fuerteventura is more closely located to North Africa, its close connection to Spain means the cuisines are very much linked.

How to Get There

After landing into Fuerteventura Airport, travelling across the island to reach your accommodation is the main consideration. Upon arrival, the most efficient means would be to book airport transfers. Fuerteventura becomes easily navigable with a direct drop-off at your place of stay, alleviating the pressure of logistics and leaving you to explore the treasures of the island.

Having taken care of the airport transfers, Fuerteventura is ready to be explored! Prepare to enjoy a trip filled with adventure, hidden gems and of course some delicious authentic cuisine. Which restaurant will you head to first?

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