A Christmas Break in Bermuda

December may be the unlikeliest of months to consider going on holiday, but in reality it can actually be the ideal time to travel. For many people December marks the end of a hectic year. The weather is rarely forgiving and, for some, the impending holidays indicate yet another chore rather than a restful end to a busy year. Consequently, a Christmas break abroad just might make sense in more ways than one.

The Logistical Advantages

Firstly, travelling off-season has many benefits that some travellers might not be aware of. Destinations such as Bermuda, which is typically a summer travel spot, are more accessible and remarkably less expensive. Off-season hotel rates are cut by up to 50% compared to their prices during the peak summer season. Travellers have the choice of the best hotels at a fraction of the cost.

Taking a Christmas break in Bermuda also offers you the island without the crowds. The beaches, streets, museums and other attractions are quietly attended by smaller crowds, leading to less waiting and a much more leisurely pace.

The weather during the ‘winter’ months in Bermuda is also an added perk of the season. The temperatures generally vary from lows around 15℃ and highs around 20℃. Although swimming is not advised due to the colder water temperatures, gentle walks along the famous pink sandy beaches of Bermuda are hugely pleasurable in this mild, yet still sunny, weather.

Festivities Away From Home

A Christmas break in Bermuda certainly does not mean you have to abandon the traditional festivities of the season. There are many fun and traditional events happening all around the island to celebrate Christmas in both British and traditional Bermudian style. The island, with its colonial history, is an eclectic hot-pot of traditions from all around the world ranging from Spanish, French, British and African heritage.

Every year the Bermuda National Trust coordinates an Annual Christmas Walkabout. Visitors can explore the Old Town’s narrow streets and candlelit historic buildings which are traditionally decorated for Christmas. Festive food and live entertainment is always on offer, creating a wonderful atmosphere of celebration and relaxation.

Other events include a Santa Parade, pantomimes, art exhibitions and The Ensemble Singer’s annual concert of classical choral music. However, the most popular spectator event on the island, and a must for any Christmas break in Bermuda, is the Annual Boat Parade. Private boat owners, charities, companies and community groups all design and decorate their boats to participate in the parade. The result is a stunning fleet and light display of festively decorated boats and flotillas that circumnavigate the historic Hamilton Harbour.

Home Away from Home

A Christmas break in Bermuda can offer the festivities and traditions of home while providing the welcome break many travellers need at the end of the year. The balmy weather combined with the beautiful scenery and beaches is just tropical enough to keep visitors returning to the island every year. While swimming is not advised during the winter months, water sports, including snorkelling, water-skiing and boating are still available and extremely enjoyable.

So if escaping the dreary weather and the hordes of Christmas shoppers at home appeals, then try enjoying a mince pie on the pink sandy beaches of Bermuda. You might just set a new tradition in motion…

John Dixon is an experienced world traveller and the Managing Director of Prestige Holidays. For over 30 years, he has been providing luxury accommodation in Sicily, Croatia and Bermuda. If you're travelling to experience the beach, the culture or even for a Christmas break Prestige has the perfect accommodation for you. John tries to visit all the destinations regularly, in order to ensure the quality of his properties, and stay up-to-date about the latest local news and events. He has a taste for the finer things in life and has an interest in arts, history and culture.

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Author: Desiree Michels