A Breath of Fresh Air: Exploring Montchavin From Above

If your holidays are all about adrenaline-inducing action, having a laugh with mates and taking in amazing surroundings, then you will want to check out the village of Montchavin in the skiing region of La Plagne. Montchavin ticks all of the boxes, and is even a great choice when skiing is not an option. Visiting this area outside of winter is a breath of fresh air, and there are all kinds of amazing experiences to take in during your stay in La Plagne. Chalets make for the best accommodation, while the best activities take place from the mountain tops or from the air, from where you can enjoy incredible views of the area and get your blood pumping.

Here are a couple of exhilarating activities that prove that the Alps are not just for shred-ding powder.


Paragliding provides unparalleled views of the Alps, and is a unique way to see the entire area of La Plagne. Chalets, as well as the snowy ski slopes, will be easily and beautifully visible as you soar through the sky.

Paragliding is also quite the thrill, as it allows you to fly as free as a bird and take in the crisp mountain air from great heights. There is a range of different flights to choose from, including ones that last as long as 40 minutes. This means that you can try a few during your stay. It’s impossible to get bored of the awesome views and the rush of flying high over the village!

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is a very challenging activity that will push you to your limits, but this only makes the reward sweeter. In addition to the physical and mental challenges of rock climbing, you will find that it is a unique way to explore the mountain and that it provides incredible views of the area. This is something that you do not get by just hitting the slopes.

There are daily rock climbing excursions with a range of safe methods available, so no matter how little experience you have, you will soon be conquering rock faces and get-ting some of the best views of the area.


Hiking is also a terrific way to check out La Plagne. Unlike skiing, during which your fo-cus lies on what is directly in front of you, hiking allows you to enjoy your surroundings whilst also supplying plenty of action and adventure. The area is a training ground for runners and hikers: it even hosts the 6000D event, so you can expect fantastic trails and a range of difficulty levels. Here are a few of the best.

Le Vallon (easy) – This 6 km hike is ideal for beginners and it takes you from the gates of Vanoise National Park across the stunning valley of Champagne le Haut. You will find epic mountain streams, rolling alpine hills, picturesque hamlets and more along the way.

Les Crêtes du Jovet (challenging) – Those in search of a challenging hike will want to attempt the 9.5 km Les Crêtes du Jovet hike. The reward for the tough challenge is fan-tastic views of La Plagne, as well as the thrill of overcoming the steep climb to Mount Jovet. The figure-of-eight trail runs along dramatic ridges, which will take you down the scenic valley before the challenging ascent.

These are just a few of the great activities to try outside of the ski season, but there are plenty more to enjoy and other things to experience in and around Montchavin at this time. So why not check out the myriad wonders of La Plagne? Chalets and fantastic out-door adventures await you!

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