How to prevent razor burn

If you currently utilize a shaving cream, shaving soap or shaving gel, Experiencing a shaving oil will be a very unique experience. The razor blade companies have made many changes in recent times. All the same, the alterations being made to the goods we use to shave has not been so significant.

Let’s start by talking about your blades.Originally men started shaving with just one blade razor. Now you can purchase razors with two, three or even five blades. As more and more blades are added the price increases but is your shaving experience improved? Do we actually need a five blade razor to shave our face? To acquire a better shave you need a better shaving surface not more blades.

To start you need to comprehend how shaving creams, soaps, gels and lotions work. These shaving products are created to do one thing. They help you stop the nicking, cutting or even razor burn by making a slick surface for your razor. A common ingredient in a few of these goods is alcohol which is known to dry the skin. Most of the soaps and lotions in the marketplace lose their glide fast. The companies that make razors know quite well that their shaving products often lack the slickness that we need. Just check out your razor and you will see the additional lubricating strip that they add to their razors.

Shaving oils are comprised of blends of oils derived from plants and foods that build a slippery surface for your razor. High quality shaving oils are manufactured with expensive blends of natural oils. They ought to never have any petrolium based oils in them that can harm the skin. You may never see fragrances employed in high quality shaving oils. The oils listed in the ingredients might have funny names, but they ought to all be derived naturally from plants or foods.

To use a shaving oil only three to five drops of oil are required. Start by wetting your face with luke warm water. Apply three to five drops to your face and massage it on. After a couple of moments rewet the shaving area. Since water and oil don’t mix a slick surface will be made for your razor. By possessing a slick surface you will naturally prevent nicks and cuts. A slick surface means less razor drag which naturally avoids razor burn. A clean close shave will also help to avoid ingrown hairs.

After shaving just utilize a towel to dry your face. The natural blend of oils that will be left on your skin will serve to keep your skin moist and cool instead of dry and irritated. Some individuals even smooth on two to three more drops after shaving just to finish off the job. Never use an after shave that contains alcohol after shaving with an oil. The alcohol will completely counter act the moisturizing properties of the shaving oil. Try a good quality, fragrance free, moisturizer after you shave. Using a shave oil and a moisturizer daily will serve to keep your skin looking young and in good health for some time to come.

For first time shave oil users it is important that you start with a new blade for your first shave. You ought to plan to using a shave oil for three consecutive shaves to see the optimum results. The cost of shave oils can often be deceiving. A one ounce bottle will regularly cost between $10 and $15 depending on the oils that are used. You may possibly find smaller bottles for around $7. Do not let the size fool you because one ounce is a lot of shave oil when you only need a couple of drops. The amount of this fraction of an inch of oil will be well worth the great shave you get.If you are prone to skin that is irritated|dry|burning after shaving. Or if you get razor burn, razor bumps or ingrown hairs from shaving then you need to try a shaving oil. After the first shave you will experience the close shave and cool refreshness of your skin. For more information on Best Shave Oils visit our web sites @ This article is copyright protected.