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MDofPC Doctor of Computers professional expert repair services for all HP desktops, laptops, tablets, workstations, all in one computers and servers, whether they are the active Pavilion series laptops and computers or the HP Blade series servers and other HP Touch Pads or retired, refurbished and discontinued HP models.

Our technicians are experienced professionals with HP repair and services such as lcd screen repair repair, laptop jack replacement, motherboard repairs, hard drive data recovery, power supply replacement, optical cd dvd drive replacement, reloading or upgrading windows, virus removal, spyware removal, windows optimization, troubleshooting blue screen or other errors, random restarts, overheating and shutting down are just a few of the hundreds of types of repairs we offer for HP computer products.

Here is a list of the HP products that we repair and service at our Pittsburgh location that is a few minutes away from the Pittsburgh Airport located at 84 Main St. Coraopolis, PA 15108 that is open Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm you can call or email us for more information if needed.


The list includes but is not limited to HP mini, HP Premium Pavilion DV6 Series, HP m6 Series, HP Pavilion Slim Series Sleekbook & Ultrabook, ENVY 4 & ENVY 6 SERIES, HP Pavilion DV4 Series, New HP Pavilion g IMR, HP Pavilion g, HP 1000 & 2000 Notebook, HP TouchPad, HP-75 BASIC hand-held 1982, HP 95LX Palmtop PC, Clamshell, MS-DOS 3.22, HP 100LX Palmtop PC, MS-DOS 5.0, HP 200LX Palmtop PC, MS-DOS 5.0, HP 1000CX Palmtop PC, MS-DOS 5.0, HP 300LX Windows CE, Clamshell, HP 320LX, HP 340LX, HP 360LX, HP 620LX, HP 660LX, HP OmniGo 100, HP OmniGo 120, HP OmniGo 700LX, HP Jornada 420 Palm-size PC (Pocket PC), HP Jornada 520 Palm-size PC, HP Jornada 560, HP Jornada 680 Palm-size PC, HP Jornada 720 Palm-size PC, HP Jornada 820 Palm-size PC and HP Jornada 928.


The HP desktops we service include but is not limited to Pro 3330 MT, Pro 3330 SFF, Pro 3330 MT, Pro 3330 SFF, ELITE 8200, Elite 7100, Pro 3090, ELITE 8000, HP Pavilion Series and the TouchSmart Series.


The list of servers from HP include HP ProLiant Servers and BladeSystem Series, the HP ProLiant DL Servers, HP ProLiant ML Servers, HP ProLiant SL Servers, HP Integrity servers, HP Integrity BL blades, HP Integrity NonStop servers, HP 9000 servers, HP AlphaServer systems, Telco and carrier-grade servers and HP e3000 servers along with the


The HP workstations we cater to include HP workstation c8000, HP workstation b2600, HP workstation c3600, HP workstation c3650, HP workstation c3700, HP workstation c3750, HP workstation j6750, HP Visualization Center sv7, HP Visualize B180, HP Visualize C200, HP Visualize B1000, HP Visualize C3000, HP Visualize C3600, HP Visualize J5000, HP Visualize J5600, HP Visualize J7000 and HP Visualize J7600 among others.

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