7 easy strategies for passing your WAEC Exams

If you are in SS3 proper now, you will be in all probability questioning, how it is possible to possibly remember all you have been taught from SS1 till now. However, you can be asking yourself how you’ll be able to ensure you get all As’ within your WAEC exams with out using expo? Effectively, in this post I’m going to inform you how in 7 uncomplicated strategies. Get a lot more information and facts about Waec Runs

They are as follows:

Tip 1:
Usually follow the WAEC syllabus when deciding what subjects to study for the exam. Your textbook is terrific, nonetheless, several of the topics covered inside the textbook usually are not necessarily going to come out inside the exam. Some subjects are just for your facts and you is not going to be tested on them. Get a copy on the syllabus from your class teacher. Some schools even supply their students together with the syllabus. Should you can not get your hands on a copy of the syllabus at your school, attempt and learn how you may get a copy from close friends in other schools.

Tip 2:
Ensure you have full lesson notes for every subject from SS1 to SS3. Should you aren’t confident you’ve got comprehensive lesson notes, it is possible to normally peer up having a buddy in class to evaluate lesson notes and make certain they are total. In case your lesson notes are certainly not complete, try and photocopy from classmates who have complete notes. Inside the option, you could think about subscribing to our blog and we are going to send you complete lesson notes for Civic Education as well as the History of Nigeria.

Tip 3:
Procrastination just isn’t your friend. Usually do not leave revision until the final minute. Studying 9 subjects from SS1 to SS2 is not beans at all. You will find loads of topics to cover. If want be, peer up with 2 to 4 study partners and start revising a minimum of 3 to 5 months ahead of time. Draw up a realistic timetable per topic. Usually do not let your summer holidays go to waste. Sign up for summer season lessons and make sure you ask questions in class on topics you discover complicated. When I was preparing for my exams, I divided my study time through the holidays to 3 separate periods. I’d study for 2 hours inside the morning before 9 am; 2 hours within the afternoon from 1 pm to 3 pm and 2 hours at night from 7 pm to 9 pm.

Tip 4
Practice past paper inquiries consistently. Pay interest to the objective queries asked within the last 5 years to find out if you notice any patterns. Closer for your exams, practice under simulated exam circumstances by timing yourself. Get 2 or 3 friends with each other and pretend that you’re inside the exam hall. Practice the questions using the time prescribed and exchange papers together with your good friends appropriate right after for marking. Don’t get discouraged should you are usually not undertaking so well. Don’t forget practice tends to make fantastic.

Tip 5
Usually do not rely on expo answers. In the course of our WAEC exams, we heard rumours that expo for some subjects was out. Plenty of people within the class had been on the streets going to their good friends in other schools to view if they could get their hands around the expo. Rather than using the time to study, they spent hours on end after school attempting to get the expo. Trust your work, mainly because believe me loads of these answers are incorrect and numerous people in class ended up failing in our set because they relied around the expo.

Tip 6:
Try writing legibly. One of the most common challenges found by WAEC markers when marking scripts is illegible handwriting. How can you possibly expect a teacher to mark your script effectively when he or she is locating it hard to read what you’ve written down for him or her to study because of your bad handwriting? For those who know you’ve a bad handwriting, get a handful of recommendations on writing legibly out of your class teacher. In the option, in case you realize that it can be as well late for you, just write in capital letters the whole time. I’ve not heard of teachers marking any student down for writing in capitals. Therefore, unless the instructions say otherwise, write in capitals. Please note, having said that, that writing in capital letters could slow you down. Consequently, the best point to accomplish in this predicament is just to practice making your handwriting easier to study.

Tip 7:
This tip is all concerning the errors to prevent when answering section B of the WAEC question paper. A different incredibly prevalent error made by WAEC candidates is the fact that they fail to read the concerns effectively. Very simple errors is often avoided when a question is meticulously thought out and understood. Usually bear in mind to follow the directions within the query paper. Exactly where the query requires that you simply mention or list an item, stick to mentioning or listing. Also, exactly where you will be needed to offer a detailed explanation, be sure to expand on every point. Ensure your questions are numbered accurately, placing down the right numbers against your answers. Oh, one far more issue doesn’t neglect to write your name and exam number on each and every sheet of paper used in the exam.


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