6 Finest WooCommerce Wishlist Plugins

Wishlist is one on the key things to sell extra products by enabling your buyers to choose their favorite products around the site and make them obtain these products later by providing some discounts based on their activities. Also, you could allow your consumers to share their wishlist with their buddies via e mail, social media, etc. Get a lot more data about wordpress wishlist plugins

– It helps to increases your Annual sales
– It aids to increases the customers for your site
– Also, increases your site network traffic
– You can give discounts based on customers activities

In this post, we have listed 6 Best WooCommerce Wishlist Plugins that are as follows,

1. YITH WooCommerce Wishlist

YITH WooCommerce Wishlist is actually a premium plugin created by yith. Using this plugin, you can permit your clients to add the product to their wishlist. Also, they’re able to share the wishlist to their close friends using email or through the social network.

Key Characteristics supplied by this plugin are listed beneath,
– It enables the user to make and handle numerous wishlists
– It makes it possible for the user to share their wishlist to their buddies or social networks. Also, permits generating their wishlist as private or public
– You’ll be able to add a search form within the site to let people seek the advice of public wishlists
– Wishlists are also used to understand your customers requirements so it helps you to observe
– You could display a table with well-liked products inside your shop
– It permits you to disable wishlist characteristics for guest customers

2. WooCommerce Wishlist Plugin

WooCommerce Wishlist Plugin is a free WordPress plugin. It enables your buyers to add their selected products inside the waitlists which they may well possess the interest to buy later or some other time. Users can share their waitlist products to their buddies.

Capabilities supplied by this plugin are listed under,
– Remove product from wishlist automatically following adding it to cart
– It permits you to set the Position of “Add to wishlist” button on product web page and catalog
– Choose Wishlist web page and Name
– Shortcode for “Add to wishlist” button to location it anywhere on the web page
– Predefined icons for “Add to Wishlist” button in two colors
– Upload your custom “Add to Wishlist” button icon
– “Add to wishlist” Button or Hyperlink on the product page
– Redirect to wishlist web page soon after adding things towards the wishlist
– Customize wishlist table columns:
– Show “Add to Cart” button
– Show “Add all to cart” button
– Show “Add selected to cart” button
– Show unit price tag
– And more
– Share wishlist on social channels (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google , e-mail)
– Totally Customizable Appearance

3. Wish List for WooCommerce

Want List for WooCommerce is a free WordPress plugin. It enables your user to add the product to their waitlist.

Key Characteristics provided by this plugin are as follows,
– Option to share waitlist on social networks and e-mail(optional)
– You’ll be able to pick where wishlist buttons will seem
– Minimalist design
– Icons from FontAwesome (optional)
– A Widget that points towards the Wishlist web page
– You are able to Add / Take away items from wishlist using Ajax
– Possibility to add things as unlogged users

4. WPC Smart Wishlist for WooCommerce

WPC Smart Wishlist for WooCommerce is usually a free WordPress plugin. Using this plugin, it is possible to allow your prospects to save the products in waitlist and may obtain that later.

Features offered by this plugin are as follows,
– Custom position for the button
– Supports shortcode
– WPML integration
– WPML integration

5. Woocommerce Wishlist

Woocommerce Wishlist is a premium plugin that is created by Gema75. It enables your consumers to add the products of your WooCommerce store to a wishlist. Your prospects can share their waitlist by means of social media.

You are able to set the waitlist to display in prime or bottom of visible to catalog & single product within your site. Each product inserted to the Wishlist have displayed image, title, price tag and also it is linked towards the product.

Attributes offered by this plugin are listed under,
– It has Responsive design
– It permits you to set waitlist in Top rated & Bottom position
– Social sharing for logged users
– Back-end options
– Text customization
– Background color picker
– Slider scrolling products
– Catalog & Product display
– Always visible as slide in&out tab
– Template Overrides
– Custom CSS Styles

6. Premmerce WooCommerce Wishlist

Premmerce WooCommerce Wishlist is usually a free WordPress plugin. It allows your users to add their preferred products to their waitlist and may acquire the product in later. Also, you are able to make some favorable offers to your buyers primarily based on their activities.

Key Features offered by this plugin are listed beneath,
– You are able to enable your customers to make their own wishlists
– Possibility to share a wishlist using the URL and review customers’ wishlists within the dashboard
– Displaying a widget with wishlists


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