5 Reasons You Need A Houston Disability Denial Attorney

Under the Texas Workers’ Compensation Act and the Social Security Disability Insurance, workers who are injured or became ill in the course of their employment are entitled to benefits. If these benefits are unjustifiably denied, the aggrieved worker may bring the case to the proper forum. This is where a Houston disability denial attorney can help.

Why do you need to acquire the services of a Houston disability denial lawyer? Take these 5 reasons into consideration:

To inform you of your rights

One reason that you may have for consulting with a Houston Disability Denial Attorney is to have someone explain to you what your rights are. A qualified attorney understands the requirements for qualifying under either the Texas Workers’ Compensation Act or Social Security Disability programs and can make an assessment and determination to see if your case warrants an appeal or other follow-up actions. The laws governing both worker’s compensation and social security are specific and outline the rights and benefits that you are entitled to and have a right to receive in the event of a work related injury or illness.

You Need Help Filing an Appeal

Should a need to file an appeal arises, a Houston disability denial attorney can assist you in these proceedings. He will review your case and determine the appropriate actions to take. In addition, this legal advocate will check the necessary requirements, file the pertinent documents, and bring your case before the hearing panel.

To represent you in all stages of case

A Houston Disability Denial Attorney will also represent you before any appeals board or hearing panel regarding your claim for benefits either under the Texas Workers’ Compensation Act or Social Security Act. An experienced attorney should know their way around the hearing process and be able to assist you with making your case for reconsideration of your claim. Having competent legal representative at your side may help sway a denial decision in your favor.

A lawyer who will assist in processing your claim

Should the hearing panel decide in your favor and order the re-filing of a previously denied claim, a Houston disability denial attorney can help you with the necessary paperwork and guide you through the administrative process.

To assist you in the next steps

If the hearing panel has denied your requests, you can discuss your legal remedies with a Houston disability denial attorney. As your counsel, he will advise you on how to proceed further after your request was denied.

With a Houston disability denial attorney by your side, you can navigate the claims and appeals processes with ease. After all, you have someone to who will apprise you of your rights, inform you of the remedies, and guide you through the entire process.

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