5 Questions You Should Ask Your Car Accident Chiropractor

Immediately after an emergency, you should seek medical treatment, and all car accident victims should consult a chiropractor. Although often neglected, chiropractic care could serve as an effective complement to your medical care to speed your recovery. While looking for a chiropractor, you should ask some simple questions and consult that doctor only if the answers are satisfactory. A few of such questions are:

How much experience do they have in treating car accident injuries?

Car accidents often cause Whiplash symptoms, which can take toll on you right away or the pain may set in 2 weeks after the injury. This makes it a little more complicated to handle. In fact, a lot of victims have consulted chiropractors for Whiplash symptoms 3 to 6 months after the accident. Sometimes inflammation can cause unease for weeks until sever pain sets in. So, its important to know whether your chiropractor has treated such cases and will be able to handle your injuries with the necessary precaution and care.

How long have they been practicing

It is very important that you ask the chiropractor how long he or she has been practicing and how many of his cases were related to car accidents. Post car accident treatment is a delicate matter and you cannot be too careful when choosing the person in whose hands you are about to put your health. The chiropractor should have at least 5 years experience with minimum 20 per cent of their cases related to car accidents.

Have they testified in court? Are they willing to testify in court?

The chiropractors role as a key witness is crucial. They can testify as to the permanence of the injury; in fact, their opinion may even be successfully held against that of orthopedic and other medical doctors. However, to appear in court and to be able to handle the attorneys questions may take years of experience. So, you should ask how many times they have testified in court and if their answers are satisfactory, ask whether they are willing to do the same for you.

What test does he use to document cases?

This is another crucial question you should ask because proper care cannot be given unless the chiropractor has a full idea of what your injury is. For this, the chiropractor should order MRI’s, do nerve conduction studies and motion X-rays. Proper diagnostic tests must be carried out or ordered by the chiropractor to assess your injury properly.

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