5 Questions To Ask A Fertility Specialist When You Visit A Fertility Clinic

If you are worried about your reproductive health and you believe you could get help from infertility doctors, dont hesitate to make a trip to a fertility clinic. When visiting such establishments, its good to take along records of any body temperature charts or your menstrual cycle as well as those of sterilization treatment you may have obtained in the past. Such records can be very useful in determining the cause of your problem and they will also help the specialist to come up with a viable treatment plan for your case. However, before you get medication, its good to confirm certain issues by asking the following questions.

1. What Could Be The Cause Of This Problem?

Quite a number of factors lead to infertility; some men and women will encounter such difficulty due to age, while others will face it due to genetic reasons or certain types of treatment. Once your doctor evaluates your records and sexual activity, they will be in a good position to inform you about the real cause of your problem. However, no matter the result, its good to always stay positive as you look for a way out.

2. What Tests Do You Recommend?

The testing and treatment you get from infertility doctors are very much connected to the infertility causes. If the doctor suspects that your hormones are contributing to your inability to get pregnant, you may have to go through ovulation tests. On the other hand, if your uterus or fallopian tubes are not healthy, a special test can help to establish this. The other testing methods that may be recommended include imaging tests, ovarian reserve testing and genetic testing.

3. What Treatment Option Should I First Go For?

There are just as many treatment options as there are testing methods. Nonetheless, some will work better than others; and this is in relation to the key causes of your problem. Your doctor may for instance advocate for fertility drugs to help keep your hormone levels in check, or he may recommend you for surgery to enable the removal of cysts or fibroids, or to deal with blocked fallopian tubes. Whichever the case, you need to find out about the risks involved for each alternative given.

4. What Are The Chances Of Success?

Regardless of the treatment method, you cannot be guaranteed of positive results. Notwithstanding this fact, you can still ask infertility doctors about the chances you have of getting a successful fertilization. Your age, weight and lifestyle have an impact on how effective or not the suggested solution may be. All the same, if you try out an option such as IVF up to three times and you do not succeed, you are better off making other attempts.

5. Are There Any Lifestyle Changes That I Can Adopt To Help My Condition?

Improving your fertility levels can involve eating a healthy diet and taking part in physical activities. Aside from that, smoking can have a very negative impact; thus, once you do away with it, you can experience quite some significant changes. Evidently, through the assistance of Infertility doctors, you can learn about the best approach to take to heighten your chances of conception.

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