5 Factors Why You’ll want to Go For the New Suzuki Cultus


About a month ago, Pak Suzuki unveiled the upgraded model of its well-known family car, Cultus. Amid a fair bit of hype, the car received some optimistic reviews in the general public. Get extra details about https://tyrepoint.pk

The prior Cultus car model sold over 240,000 units before it received a notable upgrade. Creating on what its predecessor was known for, Cultus 2017 brings important changes in design and efficiency.

Suzuki revamped the appears, modernized the interior and enhanced the car’s efficiency by incorporating the newest technologies.

For those who might nevertheless not be convinced that Cultus 2017 is definitely the greatest 1,000cc car from a Pakistani manufacturer, we offer you 5 factors that show why Cultus really should be your go-to decision as a Pakistani car purchaser.

Revamped Modern Design

In the quite very first look, it is evident that the new Cultus holds no resemblance to its predecessor. It has a significantly bolder and modern design featuring curves and cuts like most vehicles from recent occasions. The front grill plus the headlights give the car a solid character whilst the curves in the front and the sides are to aid aerodynamics.

The sports fog lights and alloy rims are a premium addition at the same time.

To major it all off, it truly is available in 7 color options.

Classy Interior

Just like the exterior, the interior has been redesigned in the ground as much as enable for added space and new attributes.

The blacklit digital-analog speedometer combo meets modern standards though the smooth rotating controls are a step up in the earlier model. To produce journeys extra comfortable, Suzuki has insulated the noise, added adjustable side mirrors, built-in Bluetooth connectivity and much more.

Regardless of it being narrower, the car continues to be spacious from the inside. There’s ample leg space and headroom for a comfy experience. You get 254 litres of boot space also.

Suzuki created sure the seats are high and windows are larger than before to enable for more visibility in crowded city regions.

Is It the Safest Local Car?

Cultus 2017 may be the safest locally manufactured car in the market place due to the car maker’s extended focus on passenger safety and car security.

It comes with Dual Front SRS Airbags and Anti-Lock Braking System. Youngster locks along with other such safety characteristics are also present.

So as to safeguard your automobile against car theft, Cultus sports keyless entry with immobilizer feature and is obtainable across all of its variants – VXR and VXL.

Fuel Economy & Efficiency

One of the most prominent capabilities of Suzuki’s automobiles is that they offer quite good fuel economy. The old Cultus was also pretty decent when it came to efficiency and fuel consumption but the new model sets the bar a great deal higher.

Cultus 2017 comes with a K Series K10B 12 valve 3 cylinder 1,000CC engine and 5 speed manual transmission with front wheel drive. Power steering and improved torque delivery make driving a pleasurable experience. The new manual transmission allows for easier gear shifts and less noise.

What’s far more exciting is that the car lasts about 20km/l (kilometres per litre) on average. Post- launch research has revealed that mileage is around 16-18km/l in crowded city regions while it tops 23km/l on highways and motorways.

Reasonable Price

Suzuki Cultus 2017 goes for Rs. 1,250,000 for VXR and Rs. 1,391,000 for VXL variant. Considering the attributes as well as the long-term savings thanks to the good fuel efficiency, it certainly is a reasonable price for this family car.

Some could nonetheless consider that similar Japanese vehicles are readily available within the industry for similar prices, but those imported vehicles are used or refurbished. Suzuki also offers 3 years (or 60,000km) of standard warranty which cannot be availed with an imported Japanese car.

Bonus Function

Pak Suzuki has confirmed with ProPakistani that it is planning to launch a Cultus 2017 variant with automatic transmission. Even though there is no official date for its release, it truly is expected to launch within the coming months.


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