4 Trees That Grow Best In Direct Sunlight

Most people that have a yard that they want to grow or plant trees in are constantly dealing with direct sunlight. That isnt a huge issue, you will find that there are many trees that will grow best in the direct sunlight and that is a great idea. Make sure that you are looking into these options and finding out how you can get trees that are going to grow best in direct sunlight and what these options are.

Canada Hemlock

The Canada Hemlock is a great tree for direct sunlight. This is a tree that grows up to 60 feet tall and is an evergreen. This basically looks like it is a pyramid the way that it grows and with that, you are going to get a very effective screen out of this and the sun that it will block. It needs the direct sun to grow as tall as it does and has no trouble handling it at all.

White Spruce

The white spruce tree is a pine tree that is going to grow up to 60 feet tall and will provide a great wind shelter. The white spruce tree is a huge spruce tree, it will grow up to 60 feet and with that you are going to get the best options that are out there. With this tree, you will find that it can handle the direct sunlight and once it is grown, it will be great for blocking sunlight.

Red Cedar

For a really great tree that grows really tall, you need to check out the red cedar. This tree will get up to 75 feet tall and it is an extremely fast growing tree. The tree itself is prickly, has gray-green needles, and is going to produce berries that are blue. It will take a few years to grow that tall and is a tree that will live forever if it stays healthy and has the room to grow that it needs.

White Fir

With the white fir, you are going to get a tree that can handle direct sunlight because of how hardy that it is. This is a tree that can handle a drought and can handle any heat thrown at it. It will grow to be up to 100 feet tall and it has needles that are blue-green in color. This tree needs some well-drained soil to grow.

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