4 Destinations to Prove You Can Have a Budget Holiday in Europe

Budget holiday destinations abound in Europe, despite its stereotype as a centre for luxury travel. Beyond the expensive locations in Southern Europe (think Spain, France, and Italy), a plethora of astounding, lesser-known countries are waiting to be discovered.

Many of these places have only recently been opened to tourists, which makes a trip an even more remarkable journey of discovery and unique attractions. So if you’re someone who likes to go ‘off the beaten track’ and visit the places your parents haven’t been, get ready to find out more about these wonderful European delights.


It is truly amazing that Romania isn’t awash with tourists – but shhhh! Whether you want to see lovely medieval villages, stunning rural landscapes or spectacular ancient castles, this country has it all.

Undoubtedly the lack of tourists only benefits this beautiful place, saving it from the corporate chains that seem to copy and paste throughout most of Europe. The prices are well suited to a budget holiday, with the attractions accessible for only a fraction of the entry fee at any English historical venue. In particular, a visit to the splendid historic town of Sighisoara is highly recommended, which is adorned with beautiful cobblestones and charming cottages.

Valetta, Malta

Budget holiday ideas nearly always benefit from a healthy dose of sunshine. If this sounds like the case for your next trip, the Maltese city of Valetta should be right at the top of your list. The cost of living here is still very affordable, making a stay add up to that most rewarding of sums: good for the heart and bank balance. Valetta is doused almost constantly in the dazzling Mediterranean sun, which lends a warm tone to its ancient streets. The main Cathedral stands proudly near the seashore, surrounded by myriad buildings adorned with paint-peeling shutters. Wandering around this gem of a place island is a fantastic way to spend a relaxing holiday.

Sofia, Bulgaria

Romania’s neighbour gives it a good run for its money in the competition for most beautiful landscapes, that’s for sure. Whilst it is impossible to make the final adjudication between the two when it comes to history, Bulgaria’s capital Sofia might edge ahead. The city has numerous important ruins, which are millenniums old. The capital is also consistently ranked as Europe’s most affordable, making it a bargain to stay for a weekend… or a week.

How to Get There

All of these underappreciated European destinations are easily reachable from any major UK airport. None of the places take any longer than a three-hour flight, making them perfect for a budget holiday or just a weekend away. The best way to get your break off to a hassle-free start is to pre-book an airport shuttle for your arrival. Choosing a shared shuttle is a fantastic way to save yet more money, and get there quickly and safely – ready to start the fun!

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