24 Hours in Stuttgart

Even if you are only stopping off in Stuttgart for one day, don’t make the mistake of hanging around in your airport hotel and missing the beautiful sights of this historic city.

It is easy to arrange Stuttgart transfers from the airport (with Shuttle Direct you can even book online in advance), so why not head into the city centre and spend 24 hours getting to know this fascinating city?

Where to Go

So you’ve got 24 hours and you’ve arranged for one of Shuttle Direct’s Stuttgart transfers to pick you up at the airport. Where do you go first?

On a tight schedule, my advice is to concentrate on one area that you can explore at your leisure, rather than trying to see everything. In Stuttgart, the obvious choice is the heart of the city, as it boasts a wealth of historic architecture, museums and palaces all within a short walking distance of one another.

Start at the Old Palace

The Old Palace was built as a fortress in the tenth century, but was expanded in the fourteenth century when it became the main residence for the Counts of Wuerttemberg. By the eighteenth century, it once again became too small to accommodate the demands of court, and the Duke Carl Eugen commissioned a ‘New Castle’.

Today the Old Palace houses the Württemberg State Museum, which retells the fascinating history of Stuttgart and its local area.

From Old to New

When Duke Carl Eugen commissioned the building of the Neues Schloss – or ‘New Castle’ – in the eighteenth century, his ambition was that the large Baroque edifice would rival the famous Palace of Versailles in France. Consequently, he gave rise to the largest Baroque residence in Germany!

Following bomb-damage during the Second World War, the palace was restored, and once again radiates much of its past glory. Today it serves as the seat for the current local government.

The Palace Square

The Palace Square – in front of the New Palace – is a popular meeting place for locals, as well as a venue for many outdoor events. If you want to rest your legs and/or enjoy people watching, this is the best spot for it!

The Museum of Art

In the afternoon, bring your exploration of Stuttgart right up to date with a visit to the ultra modern Museum of Art. Designed by Berlin architects Hascher and Jehle, the museum is a glass cube that offers spectacular views of the city.

If you stay until nightfall, you’ll discover that the museum seems to float like a futuristic vision above the city, making it the perfect last stop on a 24-hour tour of this beautiful German metropolis.

How to Get There

Flights to Stuttgart are available from London, Birmingham and Manchester, taking around one and a half hours. Airlines including British Airways, easyJet and German Wings all offer flights from the UK.

The most convenient way to get from the airport to the city centre is by booking Stuttgart transfers with a reputable company like Shuttle Direct.

Shuttle Direct will ensure that a driver is waiting for you when you land. We’ll drive you directly where you want to go – that way, you won’t waste a single precious moment on your 24-hour visit to the city.

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Author: Desiree Michels