Male Organ Sensitivity Preservation: What It Is and How to Keep It

No, it’s not what happens when a man watches one too many rom-coms! Member sensitivity is critical to a long, happy sensual life. A sensitive male organ is a necessary tool a man must have to create awe-inspiring boners and keep them while inflagrante. Without knowing it, many men are doing things every day that dwindle their tumescence-producing tendencies. In the same vein, there are several things men can do to combat the cruel mistress of time and her effect on the family jewels. Let’s talk about what member sensitivity is and how to keep it (and even get more of it) for a life full of excited hard-ons.

Member Sensitivity Explained

Member sensitivity is a member’s capacity to feel stimulation. It is governed by something called “sensory threshold,” which is all the ways a member can be excited.

A man should pay attention to member sensitivity very early in life because early care can mean greater preservation of sensory threshold during his lifetime. Why? The benefits of having a sensitive male organ include more than just the ability to get hard-ons. It also gives men more staying time, better control, and greater intensity.

As men age, starting around age 25, member sensitivity starts a slow decline, which can seem to pop up (or not pop up at all, as the case may be) out of the blue. While some loss of sensitivity is entirely natural and unavoidable, this loss can lead to the inability to release or even to get a hard-on in the first place. That’s why men of every age should make member sensitivity a priority.

Member Sensitivity: Stuff to Stop

Let’s start with things every man needs to discontinue doing now so he can manifest a more sensitive schlong. Once you stop, sensitivity should pick back up fast.

1) Ban Bad Habits. Smoking, alcohol abuse, and substance abuse are all bad for you and really bad for your member. Smoking withers the blood vessels, and substance and alcohol abuse can deaden the member, robbing its knack for getting and staying hard. Get healthy to increase member sensitivity.

2) Be Wary of Too Much of a Good Thing. Achieving releases is awesome; intimacy is wonderful. However, doing the dirty too frequently can numb the member skin, making it more difficult to get stimulated. Self-love included here, as well.

3) Cut the Compression. Too-tight undies and bottoms can turn a sensitive male organ into a cold, unfeeling one. When the member is in constant contact with fabric, the skin becomes less respondent to feeling because something is touching it all the time. Makes sense, right? Switch to something that gives the worm a little room to wiggle.

Member Sensitivity: Stuff to Start

Now that you know what to cut, here are the behaviors to add in to preserve and potentially get more member sensitivity, ASAP.

1) Get Creative. One of the keys to member sensitivity is creativity. Intimacy can get routine over time, and that can make Mr. Happy less than excited. Switch up positions, toys, skills, and settings to breathe new life into both a man’s intimate life and his member. He’ll rise to the challenge.

2) Keep It Slick. Whether doing it solo or with a partner, be sure that there’s enough lubricant. If there’s not naturally enough, then add a high-quality, water-based personal lubricant to the mix. Going dry can cause friction burn (ouch!) and lead to peripheral nerve damage.

3) Loosen up. When engaging in a little self-love, watch the grip! Be sure not to participate in death grip, or scar tissue can form over time, robbing a man of sensitivity, and can lead to things like member dysfunction or Peyronie’s disease.

4) Ditch the Spare Tire. Maintaining a healthy weight is essential to keeping a sensitive male organ. Eat a heart-healthy diet to promote blood flow and hormonal balance, and be sure to exercise to circulate oxygen throughout the body. Get quality sleep every night and find a way to manage stress, and a man will not only have prime male organ health but overall health as well.

5) Add the Cs – Carnitine and Vitamin C, That Is. Two major male organ health promoters, carnitine and vitamin C, do a lot to preserve member sensitivity. Carnitine protects the member from peripheral nerve damage, while vitamin boost blood flow to the area, keeping it oxygenated, and it also promotes another C, collagen, which provides skin’s elastic, bouncy feel. Get both of these nutrients and many more by applying a specially formulated male organ health oil (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which has been clinically proven safe and mild for skin) every day.

Visit for additional information on most common male organ health issues, tips on improving member sensitivity, and what to do to maintain a healthy manhood. John Dugan is a professional writer who specializes in men’s health issues and is an ongoing contributing writer to numerous websites.

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