Say Goodbye To Batteries

Researchers at the University of Bedforshire, United Kingdom, have developed a new technique that allows electrical power supply devices.

System designed by Professor Ben Allen from the Centre for Research Wireless uses radio waves to electricity.

Researchers say that it is the first of its kind in the world. Scientists say that technology designed to pave the way towards giving them the conventional batteries.

University representatives have submitted the necessary documents for obtaining the patent and exclusive rights deriving from it.

Professor Ben Allen, along with David Jazan and Tahma Ajmal, have created a system that uses batteries instead of medium waves. It is functional for small electronic devices such as clocks and remote controls.

The new technique converts the unused radio waves into electricity. Professor Allen says that the radio waves as energy, as have the light waves, sound and wind, so, in theory, all these could be used to generate electricity.

“We need this innovation, because annually we throw away approximately 20,000-30,000 tons of batteries, which are toxic chemicals that leach into the ground, “adds Allen.

“We estimate that this market will reach tehnolgie billion pounds in 2020,” concluded Allen.

Author: Andreea

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