Only 5% Waste Collected After The Tsunami In Japan

Waste collection caused by tsunami on 11 March,last year, forward very slowly, so far only 5% of waste is sorted, recycled or incinerated, said Environment Minister Gosh Hosono, calling the nation to show solidarity, inform Kyodo.

About 22.53 million tons of waste of all kinds accumulated on March 11, 2011, in Miyagi prefectures, Iwate and Fukushima – the provinces most affected by natural disaster, an earthquake of 9 degrees followed by tsunami, resulting in over 19,000 victims.

After nearly a year as sluggish operation of waste sorting can be done only in special places, partially destroyed by the disaster.

Until Tuesday 1.18 million tons were treated waste that 5.2% of the total.

Japan Minister,responsible for elimination of consequences of nuclear accident in Fukushima, said that will be built provisional incineration centers, but the operation will not be complete until March 2014 as originally scheduled.

Government urged local governments to show solidarity and take some wastes, but so far only Tokyo region has expressed willingness, others fearing a possible nuclear contamination.

Andreea Weed

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