In 2050 We Get Into Space With Elevator

By 2050 we could reach in space via an elevator, announced the company Obayashi from Tokyo. The company said that, in less than 40 years, could build an elevator to carry passengers on 36,000 miles from Earth. For this project the company plans to use cables made from carbon nanotubes, a material 20 times stronger than steel.

The project provides a type of cable to reach 96,000 miles from Earth, the equivalent of a quarter of the distance to the Moon. The elevator will carry 30 passengers at a speed of 200 km / h and after 7 days and a half, will reach an orbital station.

Also, lift propulsion engines will be achieved with linear magnetic and around the station will be placed solar panels that will store energy to be transported to Earth. The only problem is that the construction company has not made any statements about how much money does it cost the project.

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