320453D Solder Paste Inspection Systems are more efficient under ASC International

LOS ANGELES, CA (June 04, 2019) – ASC International is maintaining the standards of 3D Solder Paste Inspection Systems throughout the electronics market. With a line of the most reliable inspection products, electronics manufacturers throughout the world are being aided in their production yield and profits being improved by ASC International. ASC International has an unparalleled lead in the market when it comes to the utilization of their impressive portfolio comprising of 3D Solder Paste Inspection systems, 2D-3D Automated Optical Inspection systems, Digital Video Inspection systems and 3D Metrology systems. ASC International is consistently heading the customer experience through their impeccable customer follow up for ultimate customer satisfaction and helping their customers in developing a custom yield improvement strategy that benefits their customers.

ASC International is always evolving its products. The new and improved range of products comprising of original LaserVision SP2D and VisionMaster® line of 3D SPI systems and the most current VisionPro Series SPI and AV862 Series AOI systems are a testament to the evolution that ASC International’s products have gone through. The main idea is to offer the most cost effective solutions to the global electronics industry right from the foundation of the company in 1992. “With over 25 years of industry experience, ASC International has the right tool to meet your most demanding AOI, SPI, Digital Video Inspection or General Metrology requirements.”

Understandably, Solder Paste Inspection is a very important aspect of the quality control strategy of a company. “ASC offers a wide range of SPI solutions from our value packed bench top to our fully automated inline platforms.” ASC has enabled the use of the best boards through the use of its world-renowned 3D Solder Paste Inspection Systems.

The Automated Optical Inspection by ASC International is known to increase the yield and the production facility of the companies by reducing the costs associated with time consuming rework and potential field failures. ASC International portfolio consists of multiple Automated Optical Inspection systems ranging from their price to performance leading AV Series to the revolutionary dual mode 3D SPI Systems/AOI LineMaster Fusion. The new Digital Video Inspection systems have further revolutionized the general inspection applications. The MSS 130 by ASC International provides a user-friendly interface, high resolution camera and integrated measurement software. Since the main focus is on providing the cost-efficient solutions, the company has a magnificent portfolio of Cyber Optics LSM 1, LSM 2, LSM 300, SE200 and SE300 Ultras to the full line of AOI and 3D SPI systems.

About ASC International:
ASC International continues to be one of the prime suppliers of 3D Solder Paste Inspection Systems. The company aims to provide cost effective solutions at highly economical prices.

To read more about ASC International, visit http://www.ascinternational.com/.

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ASC International has a lead in the improved 3D Solder Paste Inspection Systems. The inspection products are top of the market and are available at highly competitive prices.

Website – https://www.ascinternational.com/3D-SPI/


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