32045Bill Macdonald Productions Supports Film Projects On the Aquatic World

Santa Monica, California, Jun 03, 2019: Bill Macdonald Productions supports film projects on the marine world. The Documentary Film Production Company captures the best videos in underwater at the best live-a-board dive vessels and diving resorts of the world. It puts to use its archive of videos to provide support to student projects, broadcast programs and more.

Producer, Videographer and Diver Bill Macdonald, together with his wife Susan Ritman-Macdonald, a retired Still Photographer, Diver and Researcher, has been a part of many expeditions that documented the diversity of the aquatic ambience of the entire Indo Pacific region. They have documented many varieties of attractive aquatic creatures, including many rare species- such as the mimic octopus, the pygmy seahorse and poisonous snake blenny.

Bill Macdonald Productions is among the Independent Documentary Film Production Agencies that has participated in documenting the tons of marine debris accumulated in oceans across the globe. “Synthetic Sea” was his signature film that was ultimately converted into a series. It was sent to the Santa Cruz Environment Festival, and got a major award for excellence. This film was later translated into Spanish and Japanese languages.

The Documentary Films Production Company has helped people for many years to know about the aquatic world that stays hidden beneath the oceanic waters. Marine plants and animals constitute a major part of the landscape of the Earth, but remains out of view and knowledge. The husband-wife team has spent years on shooting this amazing marine world on film, making people know about the environment and sea creatures through their films – allowing a virtual tour to all the exotic underwater destinations with no need to travel there. The company has been an independent producer of aquatic footage of many hours.

People who are interested in checking out the quality of videos shot by Bill Macdonald Productions can visit the company’s YouTube channel for amazing clips of its best and latest films, stock footage and projects.

About Bill Macdonald Productions

A documentary theatrical films Production company based in Santa Monica, California, Bill Macdonald Productions aims to document watersheds, aquatic life and resources and more. It has a video archive of more than thousand hours to offer support to projects for the production of promotional videos of broadcast quality.

For further information or enquiries, visit http://www.macdonaldproductions.com/.

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An independent film production agency, Bill Macdonald Productions offers support to film projects from across the globe on the marine world. Visit website https://www.macdonaldproductions.com/what-we-do


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