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Healthy Eating Practices During Examinations

After reading through your name mnemonics Roy G. Biv for your color spectrum Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet along with other equally helpful strategies, you are feeling a little more confident in passing your science examination. A learn more study less review recommends a holistic technique of learning that would treat learning not only as an intellectual process. This includes watching your eating habits so that you’re psychologically, physically and spiritually in shape to ace an examination.

Proper Liquids
Your system needs an ample amount of fluid when taking an examination. But it doesn’t mean that every fluid you take in would do you good. Begin with a clear and fresh water to provide you proper fluids. By that way, you’ll be staying away from dehydration that prevents you from concentrating. Also, you’ll avoid fainting and feel revitalized with a glass of water.
The beverages to avoid throughout an exam period are colas, caffeinated and alcoholic drinks. Sodas and coffee make you restless during the examination. On the other hand, alcohol can make you feel sick. Both of the mentioned effects would reduce your concentration hence, may lead to examination failure.

Don’t Skip Breakfast
Skipping breakfast would inch you nearer to an ‘F.’ However, see to it that you’re not just munching on donuts and coffee. Look for fiber, protein and calcium options. A cereal bar with milk will fix the problem. Click here for more breakfast ideas.

Include Multivitamins
Students have the habit of eating what they really want, and not what they really need. Luckily, you have multivitamins to solve the problem.
On your coffee, junk food and pizza break, attempt to include a multivitamin to ingest. Including this to your daily task will rejuvenate your B vitamin supply to reinforce your brain functioning. Vitamins could also contain zinc, calcium and iron to protect against stress.

Eat In a Regular Schedule
Sometimes what you eat or drink matters less. The timing is also important. Keep a regular eating schedule so that you are revived all the time with proper nutrients.

Practice these tips so that you get the maximum grade possible.Failed your mathematics exam? Not pleased with your biology quiz result? Get aid from Scott Young’s study guide Learn More Study Less. You will be able to allot your time evenly but still have excellent grades. Interested? Click this learn more study less review link. This article is copyright protected.


Author: Lichen Mathis