Tips on how to Get Free Xbox Gift Cards

In 2013, Microsoft shifted to true currency as opposed to Microsoft Points. That meant you could get Microsoft gift cards within the money denominations you would like, instead of calculating how many points something is. Nevertheless, points did not completely go away. We’ve compiled suggestions for you to rack up points in two distinct Microsoft awards programs.

We aren’t talking about taking benefit of those free point giveaways that pop up now and after that. You realize, the kind that just asks you to register and after that they email you a code for one hundred MSP, and after that use various e-mails to score a ton of free points. That’s sort of shady and not what we’re just after.

What we’re speaking about is using Xbox Live Rewards and Bing Rewards – two official programs from Microsoft that provide you free points for extremely little effort in your component.

What Are Microsoft Points/Xbox Gift Cards?
Microsoft Gift Cards function on Xbox 360 and Xbox One, and since your Xbox Live Profile and Gamertag would be the exact same on each, funds within your account apply to each systems.

Microsoft Points would be the currency that fuels Xbox Live. We recommend acquiring points cards in shops in lieu of using your credit card in your Xbox considering the fact that it will save you lots of trouble in the event you happen to get FIFA Hacked or have other security issues.

There are other (legal) approaches to earn MS points for free, on the other hand, and should you be patient you may earn a fair volume of points quite simply.

Xbox Live Rewards
All you need to do is register your Gamertag with Xbox Live Rewards. You’ll log in using the similar name and password you use for or Xbox Live, and you will earn points for renewing Xbox Live Gold subscriptions along with other factors.

New users are rewarded as well once you make your very first Xbox Live Marketplace buy or start using Netflix. According to your Gamerscore (75k and up), you can also earn up to 10 % back on every single acquire you make. Reduced Gamerscores get a reduced percentage.

Bing Rewards
Bing Rewards is often a program exactly where you earn rewards by using Bing search. You’ll be able to register on the Bing Rewards homepage. As soon as a member, you will earn Bing Credits for carrying out searches using Bing or clicking on specially marked Rewards links.

Generally, you’ll earn only about 13 credits per day, but there are additional bonuses now after which that let you get more. A 100 point Microsoft Point code costs 125 Bing Credits. So, in roughly 10 days you’ll earn 100 MSP.

Once again, like Xbox Live Rewards, it does not sound like a whole lot, but you don’t have to place any work into it. You simply search like you generally would, and earn free stuff – there isn’t really a downside here.

Within the time that I’ve been carrying out Bing Rewards, I’ve earned about 2000 Microsoft Points. 2000 added MSP for not truly doing anything differently than I would anyway.

It does require you to work with Bing instead of Google.

You may also use your Bing Rewards Credits on other items like Xbox Live subscriptions, gift cards for Amazon and other retailers, and much more.

Enter Xbox 360 Dashboard Contests
Yet another way to earn free stuff is always to truly enter the contests and promotions that pop up all of the time around the Xbox dashboard. You know what I’m talking about – the promotions for automobiles, Doritos chips, Wendy’s, Taco Bell, and what ever else exactly where you just have to download a free gamerpic to enter. Do these!

You can essentially win and, again, there isn’t any downside. You devote a second downloading a tiny gamerpic and are entered into a contest. Because these are contests and are up to possibility, you are not guaranteed to win something, but for no work, you undoubtedly can win a thing, and which is superior than nothing.    

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Author: Thomas