Transform Your Families Lifestyle with the Steam Shower Unit

The steam shower has transformed our entire lifestyles, with their therapeutic abilities, gadgets and the whole very experience of enjoying time within the confines of your bathroom.

Steam showers are the modern day equivalent to the steam baths of once enjoyed within ancient Rome, Greece and many other countries around the world. Historically, wet steam baths have been used for cleansing, relaxation, and detoxification and as social activity. In Scandinavia and the Baltic�s, saunas and steam baths were often family activities. In fact, most cultures have a tradition of some kind of steam therapy, including Native Americans huts and Japanese Mishiburo, to name just a few.

Steam is a combination of moisture and heat and works through warm, moist air opening the skins pores, this in turn increases blood pressure and stimulates the sweat glands. Hot steam relaxes muscles after a workout and opens bronchial passages in asthma sufferers. It cleans the skin of impurities through the pores and can be more beneficial and less aging than soap and water. Hot steam is even said to improve the immune system because it tricks the body into thinking it has a fever and therefore stimulates the body�s natural defences.

Nearly anyone can partake of a steam shower, although there are some groups of people who should refrain or seek the opinion of their doctor. Those include people with high blood pressure, diabetes, or circulatory problems. It is advised that young children and pregnant women also refrain from taking a steam session. If you are at unsure always consult professional opinion.

In today�s modern bathroom, steam showers are relatively easy to install or retrofit into the space. A steam shower is, in basic terms, a small, enclosed shower cubicle, integrated with a steam generator where water is brought to a boil and the vapour is released into the unit. The power of the generator is based on the size of the space it is servicing and should provide a temperature control to avoid burning. Most of today�s steam shower units are available to be retrofitted in to an existing bathroom with minimal construction, replacing a standard bathtub or shower enclosure. These units are generally fabricated from acrylic and include the steam mechanism, vapour-lock door and shower heads, body jets, seating and much more.

A custom steam shower is designed when the bathroom is built and is finished with stone or tile walls, floors and ceilings which should be mortar based, not drywall mounted. Doors are fully sealed to retain the steam. There are many amenities available such as televisions, radio, hands free telephones, mood enhancing lights (chromo-therapy lights), large monsoon showerhead and much more. They are adapted to accommodate one or two people and can include aromatherapy and other oils.

It does not depend on bathroom size either as most suppliers can even accommodate certain models that can be implemented in to even the smallest of bathrooms.

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Author: Terry Metcalfe