The short, the answer is ‘Yes’. Winter can be a great time to sell your property as buyer demand typically outstrips the supply of homes for sale, putting sellers in a strong position.

As we enter December, the property market is certainly not at a standstill. Properties are continuing to sell well in a continuation of what has been a very strong year for the market in Edinburgh and the Lothians. Since the end of the summer there have been more sellers willing to take the plunge and get their home onto the market. This has helped create a greater balance in the local market, though while most properties are still selling well, the high premiums that we were previously seeing are slightly less prevalent.

The majority of home buyers tend not to move home on a knee-jerk reaction. There are many reasons why people tend be looking to buy; re-location for work, a growing family, separation, downsizing or to release funds for other plans such as travel or retirement. As a result, these people don’t need to hang off until Spring next year to move.

Fewer people do tend to put their properties on the market in winter due to the perception surrounding peak selling times. However, this typically means less competition among sellers and less properties for buyers to choose from, but demand from buyers is still there!

To take advantage of the winter market and make sure that you are in the strongest position possible, here are some of our top tips for selling your property during Winter.

Winter selling tips, to give you the very best chance of selling your property for the best possible price!

If your property isn’t yet on the market, don’t wait! Take advantage of active buyers and a diminishing number of properties coming to market. A lot of buyers will be on annual leave over the festive period and will have additional time for viewings.
Make sure the house is warm and cosy when buyers come around, especially if it’s chilly outside. It definitely adds appeal for prospective buyers.
If you have a garden or outside space, make sure it’s ready for viewings. Sweep up any dead leaves and give the lawn a final mow. Hide wheelie bins/recycling tubs out of sight and consider adding some bright colours plants in pots or planters to add a splash of colour.

If selling near Christmas, try not to have the house cluttered with unnecessary decorations! Try and create the illusion of as much space as possible by keeping surfaces uncluttered. Cards can be hung on string and attached to walls or doors for example.

Even though the balance of supply and demand is in your favour you want to make your property as attractive as possible, so be realistic on price. Don’t be quick to turn down the first offer, any offer is good. It may not be the price you are looking for, but you can negotiate. Your selling agent will be able to advise you further on pricing structure and expectations.

A good tidy-up and some elbow grease can go a long way to increasing the attractiveness of your property to prospective viewers. Now is the perfect time to clean items such as curtains, as it is much more likely that they will be closed due to the longer nights.
Once the festive period is over, try to get the property returned to normality as quickly as possible. Get rid of wrapping paper and packaging, put new toys out of sight or into safe storage and be ready to have your property viewed at a moment’s notice. Remember that many buyers will be on annual leave over the festive period and will have more time for viewings so can turn up at short notice.

If photos of the outside of your property were taken during winter and the property is still on the market at the start of 2019, arrange a re-shoot with your agent’s photographer. Hopefully the new shots will include some blue skies and greenery, or at the very least without snow on the roof and Christmas decorations in the windows! Signs of Christmas or snowy weather in photos creates an idea of the time that the property came onto the market, suggesting to potential buyers in spring that the property has been on the market for a while.

Remember that buyers are still out in force throughout the winter, so follow our tips and you will stand the best chance of selling your property for the very best price!

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Author: Maz