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1. What to do prior to wearing the amulets?

Wash your hands before taking the amulets to wear and comply with the following actions.

• Make your mind calm and concentrate all of your faith to the Buddha
• Put your amulets onto your palm and press both hands together
• Then chant three instances of this initial Mantra slowly:

Namo Tassa Bhagavato Arahato Samma Sam Buddhassa – The translation of its which means is as:

I pay homage for the Blessed 1. The 1 who’s cost-free from defilements. The One particular Completely Enlightened by himself.

The chanting verse indicates we are now paying respect to the Lord Buddha who has done the good goodness.

Then request along with your own language for his aid.

I, your name, invite the Lord Buddha and Guru Monks to bless me and shield me from harm,

danger and bring me luck and fulfill me with my wishes.

One must encourage practising this: Invite the Lord Buddha, Guru Monks and his blessings to be with you prior to wearing your amulets. Hold your amulets in your palm inside the Praying position.

Start out by reciting Namo Tassa Bhagavato Arahato Samma Sam Buddhassa (x 3), then recite the following

Putthang Arathananeng, Dhammang Arathananeng, Sangkang Arathananeng (x 1)

Putthang Passitimay, Dhammang Passitimay, Sangkang Passitimay (x 1)

The meanings of this Mantra is: May Lord Buddha, Dhamma and Sangkha or Triple Gems bless my complete request prosperous. And after that put on the chain of amulets onto your neck.

2. Any restriction when wearing the amulet?

Yes, you’ll find some restrictions as the following:
• Never bring amulets with you when you visit an improper spot for instance brothel.
• Do not wear amulets when generating like.

3. What to do if we choose to take the hanging amulets off our neck?

Ahead of taking off the amulets from your neck, be sure you have washed you hands. Than take off the amulet out of one’s neck, place the amulets in your palm, and hold both hands with each other. Trust the amulet of Lord Buddha and Guru Monks with all your heart; Say it from your heart. Due to Lord Buddha and Guru Monks that preserve you protected and protected. Then place them on a clean and higher location or improved to place them on an altar.

4. Where could be the location to put my amulet?

Don’t place the amulet around the top of the bed, unless there is no sexual activity. If you’d like to help keep them in your bedroom, please put them on a larger shelf or drawer. Don’t leave your amulets on an improper place like around the floor, inside your pants pocket, or hang it reduced than your waist.

5. Do we want to re-bless our amulet?

Does an amulet shed its energy immediately after some time? Will re-blessing it will make it far more strong? Do we have to bring it back towards the temple to let the monks chant to recharge its energy soon after some time? The answer is NO! Typically we saw people taking off their amulets and let the monks chant and bless when they visit the Thai temple on their holiday which include Vesak or Kathina day or they just stop by the temple to pay respects for the monks. It’s okay to let them chant a prayer of blessing over the amulet’s but don’t have the notion that having a brief blessings on the amulet’s will recharge the amulet power. The brief blessing is usually a common blessing for all amulets and not for the particular amulet itself. Only the original Monk or Archan who make the amulets will know the particular strategy to bless the amulets that they developed.

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