9543Tips for Choosing a Custom Builder

If you have done your research and discovered that custom home building is what you are going to do, you can easily get overwhelmed by the number of small to medium sized builders you will have to choose from. You need to know a few important things about custom home building if you are going to select the best builder to do your project.

Your requirements: You need to clearly write down your location and region in addition to the type of terrain that you are looking at and whether you have a specific block in mind as well as whether it has a slope from the front or the back or left or right. You also need to have a clear picture of the type of home you envision with the number of living areas, bedrooms or garage spaces; the clearer your specific the easier it will be for you.

Internet: you could use the internet to create a shortlist of available custom home builders in your area and especially those who could be familiar with the type of terrain you are dealing with. Your search should use specific words related to your type of terrain such as hilly block, sloping block or flat block as the need may really be. It is important to search for builders in the area you plan to do the construction because they are more likely to understand the soil structure and geology of the area; this will enable them to give you a more accurate estimate.

Budget: Many potential home builders have one type of budget limitation or another and they will need a clear indication of the cost. You need to ask all the builders on your list to give you an initial quote that will be based on the type of home you envision and the block you want to build on; smaller details such as marble worktops and others should not worry you initially since they can be dealt with later. Once you have received all your quotes, you can start narrowing them down to those that are within your budget range.

Testimonials: Carefully go through the website of your preferred custom home builder and check for any reviews by their past customers. You also want to ask for ant testimonials from their former clients and if you get some addresses, you need to ask them some specific questions. Find out important issues such as their level of communication and how quickly the builder would give any required information; how the custom home builder would tackle any problems that would emerge or whether the job was completed according to schedule. Most importantly, find out if your custom home building contractor was able to work within the budget.

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