33431Myths about Pregnancy Massage

1) Massage throughout the very first trimester

Some massage practitioners refuse to give massage during the 1st trimester as that is when most miscarriages happen. This can be merely due to the fact they usually do not would like to be linked to this occasion should really it come about. Even so, there is absolutely no evidence that massage can bring about a miscarriage and massage is just not contraindicated throughout the 1st trimester. In reality, massage at this time is entirely essential considering the fact that it supports a lady as she negotiates the physical, emotional and spiritual alterations of her pregnancy. Her possible is maturing into a potent new role and identity.

2) Massage around the legs for the duration of pregnancy

Deep vein thrombosis within the legs only happens in 15 out of 10 000 pregnant girls (information from live births in Olmsted County amongst 1966 and 1995). Of these 12 will have clear signs of a possible blood clot, leaving 3 out 10 000 pregnant ladies with an undiagnosed blood clot. Regardless of these low figures, some massage practitioners indicate that massage operate on the inner leg isn’t advisable since it could possibly dislodge an undiagnosed clot. Keeping in thoughts that massage improves blood flow and thus reduces the danger of a blood clot forming, refusing to offer a competent massage around the legs potentially exposes 9997 out of 10 000 pregnant ladies to unnecessary danger.

A additional realistic approach would be to give a competent massage when checking for any indicators and symptoms of a feasible blood clot. The simplistic solution of prohibiting deep massage or massage altogether on the inner legs seems to be more prevalent in nations where litigation is higher and appears to be based on misunderstanding and worry instead of on existing evidence-based practice for the following reasons:

In spite of this exaggerated emphasis on blood clots, no dependable method is given to assess whether a blood clot is present so there is no fantastic reason to either proceed with or quit the massage. Homan’s test is still routinely taught in massage schools to test for deep vein thrombosis although it truly is unreliable and is no longer employed, other clinical tests getting employed in its spot.

Massage aids avert clots from forming by preventing a develop up of stagnant blood in the legs. It is really vital in the course of pregnancy as there is certainly stronger tendency for blood to clot during pregnancy.

Pregnant women who’ve been put on bed rest are at higher risk of creating blood clots as their inactivity causes blood to pool in the legs. They may be advised to workout their legs by pointing the foot up and down. This creates a strong pumping action within the calves which aids hold blood flowing by means of the legs. This features a additional highly effective impact than massage or function on pressure points. If massage is regarded risky, then typical hospital care is even riskier.

The Spleen, Liver and Kidney meridians of Traditional Chinese Medicine play a crucial role in health, in particular throughout pregnancy. As they run by means of the inner legs, work on pressure points in the legs can be really beneficial. In certain, it substantially reduces threat in diabetic mothers when their diabetes is actually a Spleen and Kidney Yang Deficiency type diabetes (here there may not be the excessive thirst, hunger, urination or heat usually linked to diabetes but there is certainly increased danger of incompetent cervix, placenta praevia and detached placenta). Providing only a light, superficial leg massage within this case may expose the mother to far greater threat than a massage of regular, firmer stress.
3) The usage of a belly hole inside the massage table

This is done to allow the mother to lie face down devoid of compressing her stomach throughout a massage therapy session. Even so, as her stomach is now not appropriately supported, her decrease back and pelvis are placed under stress and her uterine ligaments are stretched. These are each frequent causes of pain through pregnancy. The stress of your hole’s edges around the abdomen also cuts down blood supply towards the abdomen.

4) Avoiding lying the back throughout pregnancy

This ignores that a pregnant females is normally positioned on the back for lengthy periods throughout birth, a frequent hospital process. Only stay clear of lying around the back in a massage or generally if there is certainly 1) a known threat of blood clots forming inside the legs, 2) supine hypotension or 3) lower back pain or pain on account of sacroiliac or iliosacral dysfunction.

5) Lying only around the left hand side through pregnancy

It really is assumed that lying on the correct side will place slight pressure on the inferior vena cava, a sizable vein carrying blood from the legs and pelvis towards the heart. Nevertheless, despite the fact that the inferior vena cava lies for the proper hand border on the spine, it truly is questionable if lying on the ideal hand side can slow down blood flow by means of this vein. Also, lying around the left hand side puts pressure around the heart and stomach so they may not function at optimum efficiency.

6) The use of contraindicated pressure points

Massage schools teach some stress points are usually not to become applied in the course of pregnancy as they could possibly induce labour. On the other hand they may be made use of if there is certainly a great reason to work with them. If massage could induce labour, abortion clinics would use massage on these points in place of costly healthcare interventions. Stress on these points can only induce labour at the end of term and after that it truly is still difficult to do that.

All pregnant ladies can benefit from pregnancy massage. If at any time throughout the massage you experience discomfort, tell your therapist right away.

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