Cold Steel is a very serious name in knives. This knife, the SRK has 10.75 inches of length, and the blade in 6 inches long. The weight of the item is 8.2 ounces. I must point out that the sheath adds another 4 ounces to the carrying weight. Anyway, this knife is quite versatile. The name SRK stands for survival rescue knife, and it says it well. However this knife is tough enough to use in a combat situation, and strong enough to use as a utility knife around a camp site area. This knife has a more classic clip typed point to the blade, and it measures in at six inches. The blade can handle many tasks well, such as chopping, carving, and splitting. The blade tip is extremely sharp, and good for puncturing.

Cold Steel SRK Kraton Handle, Black Blade (Concealex Sheath)

There was a day when this knife was made in the USA, but it is now made in Japan. I highly recommend the stainless steel version of this knife over the AUS 8. However that is not to sat that the AUS 8 is not good. Cold Steel knows how to do knives with AUS 8, and did a good job here. AUS 8 is easy to deal with, no issues to maintain it, and a very tough metal. It holds on to its edge for a long time, and never did chip when used. I just suggest the stainless steel if you can afford it because there is no worries regarding oxidation, and the Japanese are world famous when it comes to their high quality stainless steel blades.

As for the handle on this knife, the tang sits inside an awesome kraton handle. Very dense is the rubber of this handle and it is great for survival knives. The handle is big and durable, and fits into the hand in full fashion. The heavy, thick handle has a texture to it that provides awesome grip, even under wet and slippery conditions. Very important for a survival knife that it have good grip when wet. The handle has a quillon finger guard that assists in keeping your fingers properly placed when in use. The knife comes with a lanyard hole that is big enough to be used with 550 cord.

To sum it up, this is a good, solid knife. There are plenty of reviews online for this knife, and i suggest reading the pros and cons regarding types of steel available. That will help you make an informed decision.

Product retails for around $110.



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