Let’s talk about the ESEE 4 knife. This knife has a nine inch length to it, and a blade that is four and a half inches long, with a slightly higher than four inch cutting surface. The weight of this knife is 7.45 ounces, and yes this knife is made in the USA. This knife has a full tang, and the blade is a drop point that is made of high carbon steel that has a 57 rating on Rockwell. The design and shape of the drop point blade makes this knife a great all purpose tool outdoors. The owner of this knife will enjoy excellent control during usage, and that is essential when skinning game or doing heavier survival chores such as branch cutting to make emergency shelter.

ESEE 4 in the wild

Please keep in mind, the high carbon steel will rust if neglected, so this knife is best owned by those who will be happy to take care of it. However, there is good news. ESEE has released a model 4 that is now available in stainless steel. So if you prefer stainless, it is there for you, but the 440C stainless steel will not be as strong as the 1095 high carbon steel. So just keep in mind. The original steel is tougher, but the stainless is basically independent of blade care regarding oxidation.

This company has a great rep regarding its highly ergonomic handle creations. The handle is amazing in it’s grip, and is worthy of all hand sizes. It is slip resistant, and that is so important out doors when situations become wet. This knife comes with a great sheath that locks things up secure, and has a clip that can be used from either side of the sheath. This sheath is friction fit molding and is a better idea for fabricating sheaths that kydex. The knife comes with a lanyard that is 550 cord and also a cord lock. It can also double for lashing the knife to your pack.

To sum it up, this is a great product, and proudly made in America. Plenty of reviews are online regarding this knife, and if you have the time, read a few of them. It is always a good idea to get a few opinions before laying down some cash. But i must say, you can cut branches, slice rope, dress game, you name it. Very all purpose is this survival knife, and other reviews will say the same.

Product retails for around $110.



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