30924Benchmade 585 Mini Barrage.

The Mini Barrage comes in cool varieties- mini and serrated. The Mini range consists of small-sized, razor sharp cutters having a 2.9 inch long blade created from 154CM stainless steel. That is among the smallest knives on the market available to us today. The limited dimensions doesn’t help to make it any less potent or formidable than its counterparts. There’s too much to praise in this traditional folding knife from Benchmade. The Axis lock system engineered in this version facilitates quick release and inverted folding of the knife, with an individual press of the thumb stud. These thumb studs include a reversible pocket clip for total range and improved functionality. The blade retains its sharpness long after repeated work with which itself is a wonderful enough excuse to possess this knife. Ergonomically it’s awesome, offers swift deployment, amazing durability and beautifully crafted. The Mini renders all of the qualities you have been looking for in an economical hunting knife.


The overall sizing of the Mini-Barrage is simply perfect for one-handed opening since there is no shifting, and as a result of another added little thing. The Mini-Barrage is normally a planting sring assisted opener, and it’s a fantastic one. If you look up the term “barrage” you’ll be reading definitions like “explosion”, “onslaught”, and “overwhelming drive”. They nailed the brand name with this one. Only a instant flick on the thumb stud and the 154CM blade slams open and is all set to get some work done. It blasts wide open with such authority, and once it’s wide open, it’s locked into place with Benchmade’s proprietary Axis-Guide lock which is held in huge regard throughout the entire industry. It’s a dependable mechanism that assures durability and integrity for the complete package during use.

The phrase triple threat is used for this blade, and has been employed quite often by many of it’s users. Also sometimes loosely when discussing specific products. That’s not false claim here. I make reference to it as a Triple Threat since it easily makes the changeover throughout all three areas of what I would consider knife using needs. You’ve got work, everyday time at home, and you’ve got dirt period. The compact form of the Mini-Barrage and its own aesthetics helps it to be a folding knife you can keep with you at the job without unnecessarily stressing the norms. It’s fairly lightweight and simple to tote around without getting in the way. The same thing applies to when you’re puttering throughout the house or garage area, where you’re more likely to put it to use anyway.


There are several knives you need to make a conscious decision to use and hold, and sometimes have to produce accommodations for when you’re packing your pockets with various other items. The Mini-Barrage flies within the radar for that reason that, and you simply don’t consider it being there, until you will need it. Yes it’s that comfortable.

Aside from the normal warrantee that manages to address any defect concerns for the initial owner, Benchmade features their Life Sharp Warranty as well. For so long as you privately own the knife, you can send it back to have Benchmade take it back to its razor sharpened factory edge. All you need to do is mail your knife with $5.00 to cover shipping. The Mini-Barrage is normally a good deal, given it’s intended purpose.



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