32289Class Ring Encasing Gets Better With RingWraps

Adding an extra bling to the ring may have been a distant dream to infinite school / college ring owners in the USA even a decade ago. But with RingWraps, an exclusive designer and provider of diamond ring guards expanding its reach like never before; a world of customizable fine jewelry options have now opened up for all to approach.

This unique and promising venture was established in 2011 by Emily Huskinson, founder and president of RingWraps along with constructive assistance of Scot Polk, President of Lyles DeGrazier an establishment that has been delivering fine jewels to top jewelry lines for over a century and a half.

RingWraps has already gathered phenomenal reviews from loyal customers that are ever thrilled to express their happiness with their diamond ring wraps and guards that are crafted in ways that cannot be duplicated. In fact, the approach of this company towards Aggie ring guards and a&m class rings have been appreciated by clients from batches dating back to the 70s and before.

Quality in the finished product and luxuriousness in the designs have been the top priority of RingWraps since day one. This has also been named as one of the reasons why the company has gained phenomenal popularity in as little as 6 years of existence. While the pricing of the products and services offered by RingWraps cannot be termed outright affordable, one can say with all confidence that the tag is worth the quality of gems and craftsmanship.

About RingWraps:

RingWraps is a new and innovative company founded by Emily Huskinson ’12 after receiving her Aggie ring in 2011, with constructive assistance of Scot Polk ’84. The company offers high quality customization options at justified pricing and easy shipping facilities.

To know more about Texas tech class ring solutions, Aggie ring solutions and the like, please visit www.ringwraps.com

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