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Dizzy Spells, going off balance, head spinning around, etc. are some of the symptoms of Vertigo. The condition is caused when there is a problem in the inner ear. The most common causes are: BPPV or Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo which is caused due to tiny calcium particles settle in the inner ear canals. These particles form a clump and hinder the signals that go to the brain. These signals are related to the gravity of the body that will help keep the balance. Meniere’s disease is caused when there is a fluid buildup in the inner ear. This can also lead to tinnitus or hearing loss. Labyrinthitis also known as Vestibular Neuritis is a viral infection and one can see inflammation around the nerves of the inner ear and this is what causes an imbalance.

Remedymyvertigo.com is a site that offers complete information about Vertigo and the common causes, symptoms, treatments, medications, home remedies and more to get rid of the condition. The site tells us how ingredient such as peppermint, cypress oil, frankincense oil, lavender oil, ginger oil, hydrogen peroxide, etc. can be used to reduce the symptoms. And then it also takes the readers through certain supplements which can be taken to take care of the condition. Vitamin D capsules and Ginkgo Biloba supplements are some of them. Ginger root is yet another effective home ingredient that works real quickly on this condition.

Many patients who suffer from vertigo will find it surprising that magnets can also be used to get rid of the condition. Magnets help push out the excess fluid that has accumulated in the inner ear. Readers can find how to use the magnets in detail and the process. Ear candling is yet another process that is found to be very effective. Instead of pouring so much money on medicines it is always better to try some home remedies. The remedies mentioned in this site have been tried and tested and proved to work. They are also safe as long as they are performed as instructed and carefully. Readers can also take a look at the Vertigo and Dizziness Program that will help them get rid of vertigo permanently.

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RemedyMyVertigo.com, http://remedymyvertigo.com/ is a site that offers exclusive information on Vertigo and how patients can treat this condition.

Website: http://remedymyvertigo.com/


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