Lipitor may Help Prevent Alzheimer, Study Shows

Statins like Lipitor are medications that are known to be “lipophilic”, health experts say, and it is one of its characteristics that may help in preventing Alzheimer’s and other degenerative diseases. Lipitor was used in a study entitled “Lipitor’s Effect on Alzheimer’s Dementia” or LEADe, according to the press release from Pfizer’s website, wherein the study lasted for 18 months observing 640 patients. Lipitor and other lipophilic statins are able to pass the blood-brain barrier unlike other medications. The researchers of the said study believe that high cholesterol levels leads to the development of Alzheimer’s disease, hence lowering the cholesterol level may help prevent it. There are several studies that indicated a positive effect on patients with degenerative diseases.

Unlike what most people think, Alzheimer’s is not a disease brought about by normal ageing and it is the most common form of dementia. There are several risk factors that have been identified, although the cause of Alzheimer’s remains to be unknown. It is still being studied by researchers to help those who are suffering from this degenerative disease. There is no cure for dementia and it worsens over time but symptoms may be treated and may slow down the progression of the diseases. This is why most patients are willing to try any treatment for them to experience relief from their illness.

Although there is still little data to support the claims that lowering the cholesterol levels will improve the condition of patients with Alzheimer’s or delay the occurrence of the disease. This means that it is still being investigated but researchers are bent on using statins to treat degenerative brain diseases because of the significant clinical data. If statin therapy is initiated among those with Alzheimer’s disease, it is important to monitor their cholesterol levels but also other symptoms that may indicate a problem with the drug. Some of these symptoms may show that there is a complication with the liver and muscles.

As much as statins may be the key to preventing this degenerative brain disease, its use was also connected to several health problems among patients. The number of reported side effects linked to statin use has been increasing. There might be some evidences to the effects of statins and patients have reported some of their experiences to the FDA. These reports are compiled and investigated to determine the safety of these medications. There several patients who have contacted the Lipitor lawyer because of the negative effects of these medications.

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Author: Kathleen Hennis