30924Wedding Pictures.

There are many who wish to be a photographer. Not just an ordinary photographer, they wish to be a wedding photographer. They have chosen a profession that requires so many different sets of skills over and beyond that of the ability to take a great picture. There is so much more about operating a solid business than just having a quality service. So, so many folks have had a wonderful idea or a truly special set of skills, but have not been able to live off of that talent. This post is intended to assist you with advise regarding your desire to work on your own, and to provide a quality services to clients that deserve you.


First we really need to move toward getting all of the necessities out of the way. You, as a wedding photographer must accept that there surely are certain things you must have at a minimum level at least in order to operate your business is a business like fashion .Too many good photographers have tried to live without some of the essential items but, i must tell it to you honestly. It is a huge mistake, and I wouldn’t suggest that skimp on any of it.

The very basics to get you started as i see it, will be listed next. You can build on the list of gear and equipment later on. Each of the following items is listed because they really are needed for you to get into business. So, you must have website complete with a gallery that is secure for customers to view. You must have an email marketing plan in place. You must have quality photography equipment. You must have a serious home office. You must have second photographer insurance. You must have a way of dealing with your taxes honestly. You must have a proper business license. Then last but not least, you must have proper banking in place so that you can deal with all of your accounts.

So having said all that, weddings are not normal days. Weddings are crazy days for those who work them. It is quite possibly the most special day in a couple’s relationship and you will shoulder the immense responsibility of capturing every all of the special moments of that day. It is the small details that always can make or break a business. This is important to know and accept right up front.


If you were to lose focus on those details you can easily fail at your job. Photographers need to pay great attention to all the details of that wedding. Just as important is the need to focus on the details of the business side of things. Details such as the wording on the wedding photography contract, the verbal promises you might make to your clients, the strong ability to keep separated details of the different weddings you might be contracted to work at any given time.

So there must be a set of rules that you make for yourself. Always and forever keep your promises. Stay timely with your replies. Photographers get bad mention due to not replying to emails and calls. Be unique in that regard. 24 hours at the max to get back to clients. Do keep in your mind that this event is someone’s special day. Make it count. Last but most important. Late is for losers. Being on time is just OK. At a wedding, be early for sure. That way everyone will know you care.



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