Why Get a Hip Replacement Surgery?

Hip implants are used to replace the damaged hip joint of men and women who are suffering from arthritis, dysplasia and other similar problems, health care providers say. Hip replacement surgery is done to relieve pain and improve the function and mobility of the damaged joint, according to the Mayo Clinic. Each person has a different reason for getting their hips replaced and there are also risks that accompany it. To patients, this is the only way that they will be able to feel relief again and for them to be able to do what they love again.

Patients who have long been suffering from hip pain may have decreased hip functions due to the limitations caused by the pain. Performing daily activities may even be difficult as the pain prevents them from moving their hip. Some patients even undergo changes in their personality because they feel that they lost their freedom as they are depending more on their family and friends. Even walking may seem like a big hurdle for those who are experiencing severe pain. All these reasons may add up and push the man or woman to consider going through the operation.

Health care providers may suggest that the patient be treated with nonsurgical treatments first. Medications, exercise and physical therapy is often used as a first line of treatment for those with problems with their hip. On the other hand, if the person is not responding well to these methods, the attending physician may recommend the surgical approach to managing this problem.

If the pain is not enough to push the person into having his or her hip joint replaced, then other health reasons may. Those who prolong or postpone undergoing a total hip replacement surgery may encounter more health problems. The damage to the joint may increase and may no longer be saved and this may be a possible if the threat is disregarded. Taking the advice of the surgeon is important, although patients are still the ones who will decide for themselves if they are indeed ready to go through with the surgical procedure.

With all the benefits of having a new implant, there are some people who have experienced complications. There are even some who have filed a lawsuit against the manufacturer with the aid of a Biomet hip replacement lawyer with claims of loss of mobility and pain due to the failure of their hip implant.

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Author: Kathleen Hennis