32045Presenting Daanish – The Man Of Experience

New York City/ 5th May, 2018/OnlyDaanish/ – Living in Queens, New York City is probably one of the best things which can happen to an individual. The city is so beautiful that one cannot get enough of it. Living here as one of the aspiring YouTuber “Only Daanish” who has been posting videos on the popular social media site, YouTube for nearly 3 years now and which is home to as much as 10 billion videos. The platform is so popular that on a daily basis, more than one million videos are posted on it. This truly makes it the number 2 ranked website in the world after Google, according the Alexa ranking. Daanish is not originally from the US. Having a catchy name and an unfamiliar one makes him a stand out.

Daanish has a different way of presenting videos to his audience. Even though the number of subscribers might not be on a higher side, but the description which is posted by him is suffice to make a name for himself on YouTube or as a matter of fact over the internet. His genre includes comedy, humor, skits, etc. which though common among this community, but still effective one to attract and tempt the audience to watch his videos. The videos posted by him are generally, those of what he has experienced. What happens when one posts such types of videos where the whole description of the video is what the person has experienced? It brings out the geniuses of the YouTuber and the video shoots up to another level. Like how every individual is different, the audience loves to see the different types of experiences which an individual facesin his daily life. It feels like a movie when you don’t know what is going to come next. The genre of his videos which is funny and humorous is cleverly adopted by him as this genre is the most popular one amongst the community. The uniqueness about him is that he has been sharing his personal stories on the videos as well. One of the videos where he has unearthed the mystery about him in getting a job at one of the most popular companies in the world, Apple is one such video. Looking at him go, it is for sure that he is learning the art of being a video blogger and it will be interesting to see how quickly he will gain subscribers.


Meet Daanish at his: www.youtube.com/OnlyDaanish or contact him at Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter with same user name: OnlyDaanish.


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