32045Coulsdon Dental Clinic Aims At Bringing Long-Lasting Smile To Patients Through Dental Implants

Brighton Road, London (March 30, 2018) – Tooth loss can happen in people due to different reasons. It can happen through trauma or gum disease or even through decay. Coulsdon dental implants are aimed at paving the way to bring new smiles in patients. The good thing about dental implants is that they are more secure as compared to dentures. So, this treatment will ensure happy smiles for patients.

The dental clinic says teeth popping out when chewing or when talking are things of the past. Also, the teeth implants prepared in their lab are created in such a way that they perfectly match the original teeth colour of the patients to make sure that the artificial tooth, just looks like natural.

The Coulsdon Private Dentistry is lucky enough to have an in-house implantologist, who has the right access to the top-of-the-range equipment and also computer software. It means that the patient is in safe hands if they are in need of dental implant services. The dental clinic says “We can match your ceramic crowns perfectly with your natural teeth.” It means that the patients will get top-class dental implants from Coulsdon Dental Clinic.

The clinic is known for affordable dental care and they use the world-popular Ankylos Implant System for implants. It comes with a five-year warranty. It means that patients can feel safe that their dental line will look great for quite some time. They have a wide range of implants inclusive of different dimensions and abutment connections. To make sure that the patient will get a secure fit, the clinic tailors the teeth implant for each of their patients.

Before starting this procedure in any patient, the clinic requires that the patient will need an appointment. With the appointment, the implantologist working for the clinic will carry out a health assessment of the gums and teeth for detecting whether any dental cavities or gum disease will have to be treated.

Then, the Coulsdon dentist will carry out a complete assessment to identify the quality of bone and also the area of the mouth that needs a teeth replacement. Then, the patient will be recommended to get a 3D-digital scan or X-Ray of the surrounding bones in a nearby referral centre. Then, using a local anaesthesia, the implantologist will place the titanium dental implant into the pre-drilled hole. Once the gum is closed again, the area will be left to heal for around 8-12 weeks. Even, in some patients, a bridge, crown or a temporary denture is placed during the healing period.

About Coulsdon Dental Clinic:
Not just implants, this clinic has the expertise in offering treatments from hygienist, facial aesthetics and even they offer full smile makeover treatment to patients. Even, bridges, dentures, veneers, crowns, inlays, teeth whitening and cosmetic braces are the other types of treatments offered by this dental clinic.
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Dental implants are gaining popularity these days as the cosmetic dental procedure to improve smiles in patients. Coulsdon Dental Clinic aims at bringing a long-lasting smile to patients through this treatment.

Website: http://www.coulsdondentalclinic.co.uk/


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