32045Khaled Al Badie, A Leading UAE Based Business Professional

Abu Dhabi, UAE (March 18, 2018) – Khaled Al Badie has been a leading figure in the UAE business scene for quite a while now. Being the Vice President and CEO of the Al Badie Group (ABG), Khaled Al Badie has used his visionary talent and hard work to make sure that the real estate company rises to the highest levels of success. From the very beginning, Khaled Al Badie was a person who was motivated to succeed and his rich educational background helped him to achieve his goals once he started working on his career aspirations. After completing his education, Khaled Al Badie started to work on his professional goals by joining Al Badie Group.

Currently, he serves ABG in multiple capacities, such as Managing Director of the South Trading Establishment with ABG, Managing Director of Al Badie Travel Agency with ABG, Chair of the Projects Owners committee of ABG, Chair of the Finance & Investment committee of ABG and the Vice Chairman of Al Ain Al Ahlia Insurance Company.

With so many responsibilities to manage, Khaled Al Badie has already proved that he is capable of handling multiple tasks at the same time. It is his zeal to succeed that has helped him to take up many responsibilities and fulfill them to the fullest extent.

About Khaled Al Badie:
Khaled Al Badie is a successful business professional who has been a part of Al Badie Group for many years, working as an expert real estate builder.

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Khaled Al Badie is a successful business professional based in UAE.

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