30988 Black Owned Tech Company Controls $82 Billion Dollar Healthcare Transportation Industry

The only ride-sharing app with EMS and Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles.

SAFETRIP INC. proudly announces the launch of The World’s First Healthcare Ride-Sharing App also called (SAFETRIP). It’s an innovation that’s taking the eighty two billion dollar industry by storm with over a thousand downloads on the first day. The technology has garnered the attention of top venture capitalists and multiple UBER executives offering to purchase SAFETRIP’S patents.

The unique app has two major platforms, SAFETRIP DRIVER and SAFETRIP USER. SAFETRIP DRIVER is meant for those who intend to make extra income by driving clients of SAFETRIP. Drivers for SAFETRIP are specially certified in defensive driving training, sensitivity training, and CPR differentiating them from other ride-sharing companies. SAFETRIP’S USER interface tracks patients in real-time allowing them to ride on demand, schedule in advance, in-app calling features, driver/user rating systems and more. Users are free to choose from Premium Cars, Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles, Large Vans, and EMS. Unlike typical over-priced ambulance fees, SAFETRIP’S EMS prices start at $100 bucks and independent EMS companies are signing up in multiple cities. SAFETRIP permits the use of health insurance for rides, being the first to patent the technology. Following the verification steps; both Medicare and Medicaid are also accepted along with a variety of other payment options including Debit and Credit.

SAFETRIP INC. has also partnered with multiple Personal Injury Attorneys to provide both on demand and scheduled rides for accident victims. One of the largest firms being Georgia Accident Injury Attorneys. National Safety Council estimates that 4.6 million accidents occur yearly totaling $432 Billion in property damages. SAFETRIP’S technology was built to tackle this massive industry acting as a travel concierge for Law Firms, Chiropractors, and other Healthcare Professionals.

“SAFETRIP is dedicated to moving healthcare transportation forward, faster, and more affordably” says CEO Ja’Nese Jean. SAFETRIP’S platform is advance, with various security features in place to protect both clients and drivers. This brilliant yet lifesaving app is available for download through the Apple iPhone “App Store”, and “Google Play Store”.

For more information on the SAFETRIP mobile application, visit www.safetrip.co

SAFETRIP is a healthcare transportation company headquartered in Atlanta GA. SAFETRIP provides affordable travel options for users while ensuring drivers make a competitive salary. The corporation has an excellent layout and team of dedicated customer service available 24/7 with the friendliest and professional answers to all questions and inquiries.

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Name: Vanessa Ross
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