Breakdown Peace of Mind for FTA Recovery Members

I come bearing fantastic news this month the Freight Transport Associations 2,000 Recovery members and their 86,000 mixed vehicle fleets will continue to benefit from the AAs breakdown services. The FTA has renewed its contract with the AA

Optimising Your Fleet for Fuel Efficiency

With fuel prices unstable, and more often than not going up rather than down, its important to make sure that your fleet is running as efficiently as possible.

Whether this means employing a programme of freight exchange to ensure that your truc

Nominate Your ‘Trucker of the Year 2017

Is there a driver you know who always goes above and beyond their duty to make sure that your clients goods are delivered on time and in great condition? Is there a haulier about whom you seem to get more than usual positive feedback, or someone w

Moscow, Moscow: InterLogistika 2017

For anyone working in the logistics sector, InterLogistika is an important annual event. Bringing together experts from haulage companies and leaders in the logistics industry, the event, held annually in Moscow, comprises an exposition of products a

How Tyre Pressure Affects Fuel Consumption

For owner drivers and haulage company bosses, there’s no hotter topic than the cost of fuel and the rate of its consumption. Fuel (in whatever form it comes) is, quite literally, the lifeblood of the transport industry; the issue of how to get the mo

The Importance of Choosing a Quality Truck Dealer

Whether you’re an independent owner-driver or the operator of a large fleet, investing in a vehicle (or vehicles) is one of the largest financial outlays you’ll undertake for a transport business. With that amount of money at stake it’s most definite

How to Fuel Success in the Haulage Industry

No matter what fuel-saving programmes you put in place, from vehicle maintenance and good driving to employing a freight exchange scheme to reduce unpaid journeys, diesel is still one of the most pressing costs on haulage companies.

While your haula

Hauliers Tips: Driving in the Republic of Ireland

For the long distance lorry driver, being able to adapt to the road rules, regulations and legislation of different countries is an essential part of working cross border haulage jobs. It might be tempting to think that a road is a road is a road, an

Demystifying the DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter)

Its hard to turn on the news these days without hearing about rising pollution, and it seems as though diesel is always the villain of the piece due to the high level of emissions which come from diesel vehicles.

The government turning around fro

Could Truck Platooning Change the Transport Industry?

While it’s currently only under development throughout Europe (not including the UK), experts say that the method of transportation/communication called ‘truck platooning’ has the potential to change the face of the transport industry in the future.