You Reallt Need to Check the New Line of DV8 Single Totes Heres Why

Have no idea what DV8 is? I dont blame. I didnt know either until a few months ago when I finally found out that DV8 is the high end brand of Brunswick, similar to what Acura is for Honda.

In other words if you like Brunswicks quality and

Guide to 2014 Line of Bowling Shoes from Storm

You probably know that Storm prides itself as THE Bowlers company. I think youllyoud agree with me that they have a pretty good reason for that. I mean they are N1 in bowling balls and no matter what your level is they probably have a ball f

3G Mens Bowling Shoes Overview

If you are a serious bowler you know 3G Bowling which is a brand of 900 Global a large manufacturer of balls, bags and shoes.

Today I want to review their line of shoes for men for the 2013-2014 seasons. In consequent articles I will review ever

Dexter Has the Coolest Womens Shoes for Bowling Hands Down

Heres a quick test for you. Whats the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word Dexter? If you are a bower I am sure the popular TV episodes is not what you think about but rather the bowling shoes manufacturer, correct?

For m

Dexter Has the Coolest Mens Bowling Shoes in the Market Hands Down

No two ways about it Dexter is the major player in the market for bowling shoes.

This fact is true as of writing this article but Brunswick and Storm are shrinking their market share so I wont be very surprised if in foreseeable future Dexter

If You Need Cool and Durable Womens Shoes for Bowling Read This

Storm Bowling makes great balls no doubt about that. Proof for that is their leadership position in the market. They also make great bowling bags even though they come second right after Brunswick so its not a coincidence that Storm Bowling is kno

Storm Has the Coolest Mens Shoes for Bowling Hands Down

As you probably know Storm Bowling is the major player in the bowling balls business. It battles Brunswick for the top spot position in bags but until couple of years ago it didnt even have a line of shoes.

Because of their marketing savvy or jus

Guide to 2014 Line of Womens Bowling Shoes from Brunswick

I am not sure about you but for me personally every time someone mentions the word Brunswick I think of bowling. One of the main reasons is their omnipresence. They are everywhere. There is no state without their bowling centers.

The company have be

Exposed 2014 Line of Mens Bowling Shoes by Brunswick

Slide right out of the box thats what is written on every box of Brunswick shoes shoes. It might not look like a big deal for for people who dont bowl but for bowlers not having to break a pair of new shoes is important. This is one of the few

If You Need Cool and Durable Bowling Shoes Read This

In this article I will be reviewing the latest 2014 line bowling shoes from 3G Bowling. Im pretty sure you know that 3G Bowling is a subdivision of 900 Global one of the big U.S. manufacturers of balls, bags and shoes. At the same time 3G is a