Incumbent Congress Worried about Tax Reform Issue as Midterm Elections Approach

Earlier this summer, The New York Times featured an outstanding article by David Leonhardt concerning the American corporate tax system and the potential for its reform in the coming years. One of the arguments in the article is the amazing variation

Federal Court Could Take On Seminal Securities Case

Oil giant Halliburton Co has requested that the Supreme Court review a crucial securities case, Erica P. John Fund v. Halliburton. To clarify, The Fund is an official shareholder of Halliburton. The EPJ years of litigation with Halliburton is predica

Festive Feet: Celebrate the Holidays in Comfort and Style

The Holidays are here again and we can expect a lot of events at which to get dressed up and celebrate the holidays in style! However, for far too many people, especially females, this can mean having to wear shoes that are as painful as the are pret

The Marketplace Fairness Act: Fair of Unfair?

Back in Summer of this year, MFA: the “Marketplace Fairness Act” was passed by U.S. Policymakers by a 69-27 bipartisan vote. The act would allow states to enact laws that force retailers to collect sales tax for their operative state, regardless o

Dallas Builder Mark Molthan Discusses Colorful Home Design

Many people have known for a long time—at least on a subconscious level—that different colors can affect our behavior. We usually attempt to plan our wardrobes and decorate our homes in the color schemes that make us happy. But what is the correlatio

Finding a Floorplan with Platinum Series Homes

Shopping for a property is an amazing event, however, just like shopping on an empty stomach, enthusiastic home shopping can leave you making frenzied decisions rather than calculated ones. While its exciting to live in the moment, refusing to prepar

Fact V. Fiction: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Even though itis quite a common hand condition, not all discomfort is necessarily a sign of carpal tunnel syndrome. People often experience momentary aching or tingling feelings in their hands and fingers, and immediately attribute these feelings to

Why Twenty-Somethings Need Stronger Budgeting Skills

If you just graduated and have gotten your first serious job, you may think it is quite soon to start being concerned with saving and investing what little money you have. That really couldn’t be farther from the actual truth. Regardless of how you a