Seed Beads: What to Know Before You Buy?

When I do bead work, I consider working with seed beads as the best part of it. They offer almost endless options for jewelry making, decorating apparel and home accessories. These minuscule beads come in lots of sizes, shapes and colors, so it’s so

Taking Good Care Of Pandora Glass Beads Jewelry

Jewelry pieces made from Pandora glass beads is among the hottest brands of jewelry around the world. It has become popular since its launch many years ago and this popularity continues to soar up to these days. Pandora brand pieces were given the â

Get Discount Beads and More from a Bead Show

Discount beads are sought after by people who are just starting their craft. It is not practical to use expensive beads when you are only practicing and learning the techniques of bead work. New crafters should not worry about finding discount beads

Cheap Beads Can Save You Money

Many people start beading as a hobby and realize later that it can be very rewarding, so these hobbyists eventually become small jewelry business owners. They may work at home doing bead work and they may also sell their creations to others. They ma

Acrylic Beads – To Use or Not To Use

If you ask people whether they have heard the term acrylic beads some of them may say “yes” but many will reply with a “no”. It is because the term acrylic beads are not very commonly used. These are a kind of plastic beads that look like g

Beating the Credit Crunch

Making both ends meet is no easy job for ordinary mortals even during the best of times. Now with a wobbly stock market and job market, the problem has grown to gigantic proportions.

The first rule to beat the credit crunch is living within ones

Which Bracelet Clasps Are Best For Your Creations

Bracelets are more prone to breakage or falling off accidentally than necklaces or other jewelry pieces because the hands are always in constant movement. So, the fasteners that you use to connect their ends together should be sturdy and provide sec

Lapis Lazuli Beads – Where and How To Buy?

Lapis lazuli beads are a type of gemstone that has become popular for its protective powers, as in other types of stones. Wearers of jewelry made from this stone believe that it can prevent any evil from harming them and the head of the household wi

Crimp Beads: Uses, Types and Buying Tips

Crimp beads are jewelry findings, small in size, used to finish off a bead work or to act as spacers in a beading project. This bead needs only to be slipped over the wire and crush it with a pair of pliers; the connection is then sealed, so the bea

Buying Wholesale Jewelry Findings

A piece of beaded jewelry cannot be completed without jewelry findings. These components are used together with jewelry beads in creating necklaces, bracelets and other forms of jewelry. Examples of jewelry findings include bead caps and cones, jewe