The History and Important Uses of Handmade Cloisonne Beads

Cloisonné beads are traditionally designed with leaves and flowers and are used to make beautiful jewelry. Cloisonné as a term is an ancient craft that is/was used for the making of decorative items such as plates, bowls, dishes, statues, religiou

Fashion Jewelry Beads and Stylish Jewelry Items

We are currently living in a fashion age. The world today is very materialistic such that outer looks are what are used to judge a person. Media has been very important in bringing peoples attention to fashion. Generally, women tend to be more fas

How to Buy Wholesale Necklaces in Bulk

When it comes to jewelry sales, you can never go wrong with it in business as most women love to adorn themselves with all kinds of jewelry. Necklaces are one of those kinds that make a difference in a womans attire. This avenue of business will e

Detailed Guides on making Fine Beads for Jewelry for Beginners

With the rise of fashion and the latest styles in jewelry making, a great number of manufacturers develop matched components to aid jewelry makers integrate these beads into other out of the ordinary styles or designs. Let us learn how to make Pandor

Many Different Types of Polymer Clay Beads and their Uses

From the making of dolls and modeling materials to jewelry making, polymer clay has come a long way to what it is today. Originally developed in Germany by Kaethe Kruse, polymer clay went from being used for doll making to modeling clay used

Types of Organza Bags, Textures and their Different Functionalities

Organza is a thin light fabric that is used to produce various bags and garments. Its texture is a brittle, stiff feel, and comes in a huge collection of features and colors. Organza bags may be generally small, with a drawstring that functions as su

General Characteristics of Lobster Claws

Lobsters are commonly known as animals with an extra hard protective skeleton. Lobsters must shed their skin (moult) in order for them to grow. Lobsters are believed to have 10 walking limbs; wherein the front three pairs have claws, wh

Right Jewelry Making Tools in Making your Bead Jewelry

Jewelry-making entails some specialty tools; not to mention nothing can be better than having the appropriate tool to do the job. 

In addition, there are indispensable hand tools in jewelry making. It is worth mentioning that you shall not be succe

Beads Wholesale: Why it is Wise to Choose and Purchase them?

For sincere jewelry-making addicts, beads wholesale are smart picks in order to come up with specialized fashion and custom jewelry pieces. Essentially, purchasing wholesale beads allows us to take advantage of big savings as compared to purchasing b

Beads Bulk: Some Interesting Facts!

Bulk beads are certainly beneficial for the ardent bead user, a bead store and a person who makes jewelry for sale or pleasure. Bulk beads are those that are bought at wholesale prices that means paying a lower rate than you would have in a retail f