Housing Starts On A High Note

U.S. housing started to turn the page in early 2012 and never looked back. The data coming from the real estate market fluctuates from month to month but the trend is pointing up and there is no sign of reversing course anytime soon.

From the months

How to Write Your Real Estate Marketing Plan

Every successful business has a marketing plan and real estate businesses are no exception in this regard. You have to think this through in theory and put that down on paper and fine-tune it as you learn more and more about the inner working of the

Real Estate Postcards Marketing: Improving Your Postcard Layout

Real estate postcards have been around for decades and most home owners get these real estate postcards such as just listed postcards or just sold postcards on regular basis but most of these real estate postcards dont really deserve the title ‘

New Technologies in Real Estate Marketing

The history of real estate marketing goes at least five decades back. For very long time, realtors best friend were newspapers. If you have been around the block a few times (as I have been), you remember page long ads especially on weekend editio

Story of Real Estate Postcards and Marketing

As the Internet becomes a widespread reality and an indispensable asset in every business endeavor, print advertising appears to have taken the back seat. In the past, newspaper ads were the most powerful and effective marketing/branding method.

Real Estate Postcards Marketing: The Right Approach and A Competitive Edge

Real estate marketing can have many aspects and postcards marketing is an important part of it if used properly. The right approach can give the realtors a competitive edge over others.

Real estate is a highly ambivalent industry that changes with t

Do Real Estate Postcards Work?

Many are still skeptical. In an age where technology drives and moves the world, traditional forms of marketing seem outdated. As far real estate marketing goes, how far can postcards make an impact on your real estate business? Can a postcard really

Can Real Estate Solve Americas Economic Problems?

By Sara Goldman from PowerRealEstateMarketing.com

Centuries ago, this would have been unlikely. Times have changed, however.

America’s biggest problem at present, according to Daily Finance. is unemployment. The unemployed sector accounts for 7.6%