Hairstyle that’s Meant For You

Sporting the right mane can work wonders for you. The fact is the wrong hairdo can also ruin your appearance. So the moral is the right hairdo is what you need. Our hair frames the face and should ideally accentuate the beauty and dim the flaws and i

Build Your Own Colored Gemstone Jewelry

A whole new range of gemstone studded jewelry that too in a style you love is something you will always cherish especially if you make them yourself.

Beautiful and irresistible jewelry of all kinds look impressive and attractive in their own way. Ea

How will you design a Ruby Ring

Are you happy with the options that are available in ruby rings on the catalogue or do you wish that if given the option you will design the ruby ring on your own. Rubies are popular choice for engagement ring as this red gem represents passion and l

A guide to designing an exquisite Aqua Ring

Engagement is a very important occasion for us all. We have so many doubts in our mind when we decide to pop the question to our lady love. Is it the right time? Is it the right place and one very important one is, Is this the engagement ring of her

Build Your Own Amethyst Engagement Ring

Special beyond words, an amethyst set engagement ring is even more cherished when its your creation.

Every womans face lights up on receiving an engagement ring from the man she adores. Symbolic and special in every possible sense; this

How to Choose the Perfect Engagement Ring with Ruby

Shopping for an engagement ring may seem intimidating but not if you have done your homework well and know what youre looking for. Besides, buying the most important piece of jewelry for your sweetheart that will also seal your love is something s

Build Your Own Garnet Jewelry

Flaunt your creative streak with some gorgeous jewelry set with garnets in designs that are your own.

If you are someone who loves wearing jewelry especially those that combine color and luster both, and you also have a creative streak then here

Buying Diamond: Smart Buys for Smart People

Shopping for diamonds require not just a big budget but also some smart buying techniques that can give you that extra edge. This article will help you in buying diamonds smartly.

The four Cs of Diamond

The diamonds are graded on the basis of four

Build Your Own Garnet Ring

Use your imagination to make a garnet ring that flashes style and beauty like none other.

So youve finally decided youve worn enough of jewelry designed and made by others and feel its about time to give your pieces a touch of your own. Thi

How to flaunt statement jewelry?

Statement jewelry is one of the hottest trends for upcoming spring. We have already seen a lot of statement pieces at red carpets and seeing even more of them on runways. But do you know they are even a gorgeous street style? If worn correctly, a sin